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Ky’s AH Process: Step 4 – Posting & Canceling Auctions

Step 4: Posting & Canceling Auctions

Remember about 4 hours ago you were reading about strategies up above? (I warned you this was long! :))Well if you chose the minimal undercutting strategy, it’s time for you to download Quick Auctions 2. Words cannot express how awesome this addon is! So here’s a movie.

OK, you can use the massive undercutting strategy with this addon too, but there’s a few things you need to make sure you do so as not to screw yourself. But first how do you set this bugger up?


You’ll notice the General tab here. Whatever you setup here will carry over to your Item groups unless you override it. To setup a category select Item groups, give your category a name and select Okay. Then select the category you created. As you can see here, I’ve selected Glyphs.


The General Tab is where you set up all of the parameters for your auction. If you do not select the Override option in each category QA2 will use what you entered under the General tab.

  • Undercut – The price you will undercut the lowest priced glyph by. If you have the lowest price glyph already posted, it will match your current price.
  • Threshold – The maximum lowest price you will post a glyph for. Mine is set to 6g meaning any glyph listed for less I will not undercut. I also will not cancel since my posted glyphs since I have Smart Canceling selected on the General tab.
  • Fallback – If no glyph is currently listed on the AH, I will automatically post the glyph for my fallback price. In my case, this is 50g.
  • Fallback After – If a glyph is posted higher than whatever your Fallback After percentage is set at, you will post at your Fallback price and not undercut according to your undercut. For example, mine is set at 100% and my fallback is 50g. This means if a glyph posts for higher than 100g, which is 100% higher than my fallback price, I will post my glyph at 50g. If a glyph posts at 90g, which is less than 100% of my fallback price, I will post at 89g 99s 99c.
  • Bid Percent – The percent your bid price will be based on your buyout price. I always use 100% to keep them the same.
  • Post Cap – The maximum number of auctions of any particular item to have on the AH. This is not the maximum number, but the maximum stacks.
  • Per Auction – The number of items per stack to post. For glyphs this should always be 1.
  • Post Time – Standard 12h, 24h, and 48h posts. I always use 48h since there are a few glyphs that don’t sell often and don’t get undercut. Up to you on what you want to do.


On the Add Items tab you’ll notice a couple of ways to add your glyphs. If you have a lot of them and are setting this up for the first time, the fastest way to add all your glyphs is to type glyph of as shown and then click Okay. The other way to do it is to actually click the item as shown. None are shown on mine, but if I really wanted to I could add Nether Pigment by clicking on it. Make sure when you create new glyphs to add them to this list. If you don’t, QA2 will not scan and post them. It’s easy to forget. I missed several days worth of glyphs because I forgot once.


If you accidentally added something you shouldn’t have, go to the Remove Items tab and click on the item to remove it.

Once you’ve got it set up the actual posting and canceling of auctions is really easy. Just hit the Cancel or Post buttons as shown below.


If you get to a point where you just need to cancel all your glyphs you can use the following macro:

/run local i=1;local n=1;while n ~= nil do n=GetAuctionItemInfo(“owner”,i);if n~=nil and strfind(n,”^Glyph of”) then CancelAuction(i) end i=i+1 end

I will often use this macro Monday evenings. The last thing I want to do is have auctions expire in the middle of maintenance. I want all of my auctions up and available as soon as the server comes back online. I don’t get home for a few hours later and never want auctions down. Being undercut is one thing since I can’t do anything about it. Having no auctions is not acceptable.

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