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Ky’s AH Process: Step 5 – Resetting

Step 5: Resetting

Resetting refers to taking a low priced item on the AH and setting it at a high price. This can be difficult sometimes, but with a little luck and patience it’s easy to do. The primary tool you need here is again AuctioneerSuite.

001 - Configure

Click on the Configure button at the top.

002 - BeanCount

Select BeanCount on the side. Uncheck the Enable Auc-Match-BeanCount option. In a nutshell this uses Bean Counter to adjust your sales pricing. I don’t like it. The idea is that if something sells, you’ll raise your price. If it does not, then you’ll lower it until you find the balance or true market price. For some items this might work and might work well, but glyphs sell for whatever they’re posted at because gold is plentiful and people want their glyphs now. Besides, this post is about resetting the market price. So turn it off.

003 - Undercut

Now select the Undercut option and make it the same as mine if you like. The Enable Auc-Match-Undercut is how you quickly undercut using Auctioneer instead of QA2. But again, it doesn’t work the way I want it to and so I don’t like Auctioneer for glyphs due to the limitations it tries to place, but what I’m about to show you is the easiest way I know to reset glyphs. Anyway, here’s a general breakdown of what’s selected above.

  • Max under market price (markdown) – This percentage controls how much lower than market price an existing auction can be before you undercut it. Basically I like it at -100% to include everything.
  • Max over market price (markup) – This percentage is why I don’t like it. It controls the price before you’ll undercut accordingly. Let’s say you don’t have a lot of auction scan data saved. Your addon believes the market price of a glyph is 10g, but the cheapest price currently on the AH is 50g. Well 100% over the 10g is 20g. Since 50g is higher than that your addon believes the item is so overpriced that no one will buy it and tries to be smart by forcing you to post then at 20g instead of undercutting as you specify.
  • Undercut % – Unless you plan on undercutting by more than a few coppers, use the Undercut %. I would recommend this option for those that selected Massive Undercutting as their strategy otherwise use Undercut Amount.
  • Undercut Amount – Select this option and specify the amount to undercut. In this case, I’m using 1c as I would with QA2.

Once you have all this set up, you’re ready to start resetting glyphs.


Go to the Appraiser tab at the Auction House. Notice Glyph of Entangling Roots. There are 3 numbers off to the left: 4 /1 /1. Ironically the 411 of 4 / 1 / 1 is the number of current auctions posted at a percentage of your calculated market price. This doesn’t really mean a whole lot, but it can be a quick way to count how many of a particular glyph are posted. In this case there are 6.

These are the glyphs you want to look for. The fewer the better because it’s easier to buy them all up, but don’t discount some glyphs. I’ve bought up a dozen or more glyphs at less than 1g /ea to reset before. Ultimately it’s more about how much is it going to cost you to reset. If there’s only two glyphs posted, but they’re posted at 7g /ea you will have to decide if it’s worth the 14g to reset to something like 50g. If you can sell at least one glyph before it drops again, then yes definitely it is and therein lies the risk.

As you can see I have 11 Glyph of Entangling Roots available to post, but at 1-2g/ea I’m not all that inclined to sell them. Since I notice that there are only 6 glyphs and it won’t cost me a whole lot to buy them all up I’m going to reset this glyph and post 2 glyphs at 50g/ea.

Here’s the risk. A lot of your competition might be using Auctioneer to post glyphs. As such, they may not have it set up correctly or have wildly different market values than you do. So although you post at 50g, they may come right back and post around 2g again because they didn’t actually look at what’s there, they relied on Auctioneer to do it for them. Their Auctioneer decided you were wildly out of whack and ignored your price when undercutting. See why I hate Auctioneer for glyphs?


Although this next example isn’t one I’ll reset, I want to show you something. Select a glyph, set the stack size to 1, the number of stacks to whatever your limit is, and check the Only box. This will prevent you from ever posting more than that number of glyphs. If I have 1 on the auction house and hit Post Items in the bottom right corner, I’ll post 1 more glyph, but not 2. I have Enable Price Matching selected. Based on my setup this should automatically default to 8g 89s 97c, but it doesn’t because of other parameters messing things up and I don’t understand all of it. But if you click Enable Batch Posting and have all your glyphs set up, you can use Batch Posting*, but I’d only do this if you are using the massive undercutting strategy. Use QA2 otherwise.

So basically what I do while resetting is run a QuickScan** of the auction house, look at each glyph and determine whether I want to buy up the glyphs. If I do, I’ll set it up as shown above except change the unit pricing to 50g for bid and buyout, then click Post Items. After which I will then click Enable Price Matching since it should now go off my current price. If I selected my Max over market price (markup) in the Undercut Options at 100%, then my match price should show 100g since mine are now the only ones listed.

I only do this once a week. It can be time consuming, but I will do it because selling glyphs at 2g is never as nice as selling it for 50g.

*If you really want to know about Batch Posting, please comment here and I’ll do another post about it. But ultimately QA2 is much faster and easier and I do not recommend it unless you’re trying massive undercutting at which point it’s arguable that Auctioneer is better than QA2.

**To run a QuickScan of the AH go to Auctioneer’s Browse tab. At the top should be some scan buttons. One will look like a fast-foward button and unless you’ve changed the settings will appear bright blue before your first click.

Final Words

I hope all of these posts help. My wife says I should have sold you this information as it took a long time to write and a few months of trial and error. But I’ve got a system that works for me and I think will work for most people so I’m more than willing to share. All I can hope for is that players on Azgalor don’t read this and I’ll be set! 😀 Either way, it’s just a game and I can still make more than enough to pay for repairs and other items I need in game.

Given the right timing and on the right servers, you yourself can expect to pull in a minimum of 1000g / day when you’re setup with the majority of glyphs available. You can pull in more depending on how much time you’re willing to dedicate. Even still, tell me what other activity you can do in a few minutes each day and still bring in 1000g?

I would love to hear about your attempts and what here may have helped, what you adapted, and what you do differently. Feel free to e-mail me your stories, questions, comments, etc. I’d love to also post your stories for others to read about, so if you have an itch to be a guest blogger on this site, please e-mail me. We can keep your names, servers, etc. all confidential. In fact you don’t even need to tell me what they are.

Thank you all for reading and good luck!


11 Responses

  1. This is an exceptional guide, Kyr. Thank you for all the time and effort you put into it! I’ve started dabbling in the glyph market again; this has inspired me to get a bit more serious.

  2. Question: Do you craft all glyphs? Or do you have a rough idea of what sells for which class?

  3. I pretty much craft all glyphs at this point. I didn’t at first, but used LilSparky’s Workshop to help me determine which ones to focus on.

    Another option is to look at WoW Popular for their glyphs and go from there.

  4. Fantastic guide, recommending to folks struggling to get their AH business going to support raiding expenses.

  5. These are a really good set of posts. I really should go take another look at Auctioneer. I would add to the comments about Quick Auctions that you can cancel all your auctions via the command /qa cancelall. I’d also recomment setting up seperate groups for different glyphs. At a minimum have one for glyphs that use 1 ink to make and a seperate group for those that require 2, you can then set different minimum prices. Additional groups can also be used so you list more of those glyphs that sell a lot and only a few of those that only sell occassionally.

  6. And as an additional though use an addon such as Postal to collect all that Gold (and those few hundred expired auctions) 🙂

  7. So, I followed your guide (and a bit of my own intuition!) and made 5000g this weekend on a 1,000g investment.

    Again, great guide. 🙂

  8. @Elleiras – That’s awesome! Gratz!

  9. ok, i think i am going to take 1k and invest it this weekend. problem is my inscription dude is only 120ish. That means most of my investment will be in leveling him up. Wait, I have 3 herbalists. I bet I have all (most) of the mats spread around all my banks…(why the hell hadn’t I thought of that before?). Hmmm

    I need to ponder some.

  10. well, I checked it out last night, it seems there are about 5 people selling shit tons of glyphs at any given time. I made a little money doing vellums and inks, but they are still low level.

    My alchemist on the other hand brought me in about 300 Gold overnight after I did some minimal work on the AH. I bought all runic mana potions selling for less than 4 Gold and resold them at 6 gold, then i had about 15 that I crafted up and sold them all at 6 gold each. I also had some flasks and a few other things, but the Runic Mana pots were a real eye opener.

    We will see where this goes.

  11. oh and I forgot to tell you…

    QA2 and ATSW are the greatest addons ever. Thanks

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