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First Time Shaman Healing Ulduar

Last night was our Ulduar25 night. We had 13 signups…

On the one hand Amber’s cranky tank was sick and I’m guessing she was taking care of him so they’re excused. But the other 7+ people that were online and hadn’t signed up? I don’t know, but I think frustrations are building among officers and some raiders alike. I keep my nose clean and don’t know much (or still know little as I caught a wiff of some stuff last night) which let me tell you something, ignorance is bliss! 😀

Anyway, we did make the decision to run a 10-man instead last night and Mach asked me which toon I wanted to take. I told him I’d take whichever one he wanted, but that I would like to get Erdkrieg in there if possible. So he let me. Lil camea  holy priesting and Mach was pally healing so woohoo for shamans! I was as excited as a kid in a candy store. 🙂

I gotta say that even with the 4 blues (damn trinkets, rings, and bracers still elude me) I still did OK. I wasn’t rocking the tops of the heal charts, but we cleared up through Hodir (skipping IC) without too many problems. The major thing I noticed about healing with my shaman…WTB HASTE!!! Seriously, 2.2 second Chain Heals and Healing Waves su-uck! Fortunately I didn’t have to use either that often, but I’m a Chain Heal spammer and it was sort of difficult to break the habit at times.

So I pose the question for you shaman healers. What stats do you normally shoot for in Ulduar? I think I’m currently at 1851 healing, 24.31% crit, and 319 mp5. Unfortunately I have no idea where my haste is at and last night proved that’s not a good thing.


9 Responses

  1. I’m pretty sure haste = yummy for restos. My shaman has a little over 2k bonus healing, 25% crit, and 400 mp5, with my haste only around 350 or so. I certainly feel it – wtb more haste! I read somewhere that the shaman from Ensignia stacks something like 800 haste, which is insane and nowhere near where I can get when I only do the occasional Ulduar 10 (she’s my alt.) I think your crit is about right, though, and your mp5 doesn’t sound too off. The spellpower should come when you replace your blues.

  2. We were actually out eating pizza.



    An ex-guildie of ours from Earthen Ring happened to be in town and we needed to introduce him to proper Chicago pizza. \o/

  3. Unbuffed, Lil is currently sitting at 2,298 bonus healing with 30.53% crit chance, 420 haste and 364 mp5 whle casting. Self-buffed with totems, this goes up to 2,637 bonus healing and 603 mp5 while casting.

    This is in Ulduar25 gear, though (minus the trinkets; those are both from Uld10 because I’m too nice for my own good and keep passing Pandora’s Plea to other healers).

    These stats allow me to comfortably two-heal Ulduar 10, although recently I’ve started running as enhance and flipping over to resto for Keeper hardmodes.

  4. @Amber – Oooh! Chicago pizza! /drool Haven’t had that in 15+ years.

  5. @kyr: Have your guild considered starting raiding 10-man content full time? 🙂 Since problems with sign ups usually don’t get solved until you’ve recruited new, eager people.

  6. @Wall – No we want to be a 25 man raiding guild. That’s what we are primarily. Of course as we enter a new raid we have tried to run (2) 10-mans, but that unfortunately hasn’t worked well for us.

    I think it has to do with that whole A-Team vs. B-Team mentality and that the B-Team is always the team that sucks so people start magically disappearing.

    I did have a talk with Mach yesterday though that said, if the guild wants to change focus from a raiding guild to a social guild or whatever, he’s not opposed to that. He’s here to help us do what we want to do. If we don’t want to raid, he’s got other options to ensure he still sees the raids due to the number of friends he has, so who knows what will happen?

  7. I keep logging off in my enhancement gear… and apparently a fishing hat (wonder how long that’s been on *sigh*).

    from memory raid buffed: 2900 SP, 550 MP5 while casting 700 otherwise, 35% crit, 300ish Haste.

    Unfortunately I haven’t found much haste gear that isn’t Elemental in nature (+hit) occasionally there are perfect pieces that has all the good stuff but they’re rare (+haste,+crit, +int, +sp) so I end up with more MP5 than I should reliably need for anything other than some Looooong hard modes.

    I’m not much of a chain heal whore and Ulduar wasn’t kind to it before the last patch so I don’t emphasize it as much. If that’s the route you want to take you might think of trying to get 4piece T8 which speeds it up a bit.

  8. First off, my toon is Zalgosh on Akama, you can armory or whisper me in game if you want. I have almost 2.4k SP w/ earthliving, ~28%crit (+5% crit for healing & lightning spells), i think in the 300’s for mp5, and ~400 haste (can’t check wowarmory at work, and microarmory.com isn’t showing my haste for some reason).

    For my spec, I took 3 points in Healing Way over 3 in Elemental Weapons, so I’m missing 45 SP for 25% buff to healing wave. I’ve been trying this for a while and not convinced that its better than the SP, and I’d recommend this only if you have to keep a tank alive for a decent bit of time, but my guild does 10mans more than 25 so I find it useful. Also, only use HW if you have Tidal Waves up, 1.5 second cast = pimp, 2.2 = not so much, otherwise use LHW/CH. If you’re strictly raid healing though, don’t bother with Healing Way.

    What I would recommend is at first gemming for spell power (sp, sp/int, sp/mp5 if you like socket bonuses) and as you start to get better geared prolly ~2k spellpower unbuffed, switch to gemming for int (sp/int, int, int/mp5; I hate not getting socket bonuses, except on my dk where every socket = 30stam blue). I’m not sure if this is what other healing classes do or not. I don’t care what anyone says, DO NOT GEM FOR HASTE. If you’re gemming for haste, you’re doing it wrong.

    With the meta gem that gives mana back and mana spring/BoW you don’t generally need a lot of mp5. Try and get mp5/resto gear and elemental gear, and get your mp5 to the point where you’re almost oom at the end of boss fights. You’ll need more mp5 at first, but once you get better gear and you get more int you can drop mp5 due to replenishment and mana tide. If you know a fight is going to last a long time, drop mana tide early so you can use it again after 5 minutes.

    If you’re having mana problems, get the water shield major glyph. Other major glyphs should be earth shield and chain heal. If you’re good on mana, switch that for riptide. Only get the LHW glyph if you’re gonna be doing a LOT of tank healing and don’t have Healing Way specced. I’d recommend using ShieldsUp or another similar addon to help you make sure your water shield and earth shield are up at all times.

    As you get better geared, you drop out your mp5 pieces for elemental pieces, which have more haste and crit. I’d recommend getting the 2 piece t8 bonus as soon as possible (1second off of riptide cd) , and the 4 piece bonus as soon as possible after that (i still need either my shoulders or hands. Have my t8 pants in my bags atm).

    Make sure you use all your spells, don’t just RT/LHW and don’t just CH. If everyones at full health, Riptide a tank, if they all have riptide up, then hit the rogue with one too, for when he wants to hug the whirlwinders.

    Also, make sure you do your H Daily every day and get the Triumph totem as soon as possible. Getting over 200 spell power for 15 seconds after chain heal (good proc chance too, i’d say 60-75% chance) is super awesome.

    Sorry for taking up all this space, maybe I should start up my own blog about resto shammies or something. Took over Mikata’s blog that one day too.

  9. Also, when I say elemental gear, i mean elemental gear that does not have any +hit on it, obviously.

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