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Nothing To Prove

I was reading through my Google Reader this morning and something caught my eye. Birdfall was writing about some trolls in public forums, but the issue at hand that brought out those trolls was a topic about improving PvP in the future. Birdfall plays on a PvP server, not for the PvP, but to play with friends. Obviously not being a fan of PvP presents it’s own problems when on a PvP server.

If it hadn’t been for Amber, I would never have transferred to a PvP server. I don’t like PvP much. I got into it a few months ago because I was bored and it was something new to do. I was doing well as a Ret Pally in battlegrounds often topping the damage and kill charts, but it got old. I wanted to try out arenas, but although it was a little fun I just couldn’t get into it.

It isn’t that the PvP servers are all that terrible. Yes, ganking does occur, but most people I’ve encountered don’t camp so it becomes a minor annoyance. That said, it’s still an annoyance and one I’d much rather prefer I didn’t have to put up with, but as long as I’m friends with Amber and company I’ll deal with it.

My solution to resolving future PvP would be to limit who can attack who. If you are a certain level and in certain zones on a PvP server, you cannot be attacked. This is a nice little feature that Blizzard has to prevent level 80s from camping level 1s in their respective starter zones. Why not increase that to include all levels? What I’m saying is how about keeping a 5 level buffer zone for example? That means level 80s cannot initiate an attack on anyone level 75 or lower. A level 60 couldn’t attack a level 55 or lower. Now if the same level 60 wanted to attack an 80, then he deserves to die.

I’ll never understand the level 80 that flies around, sees a level 70, kills said 70, and then proceeds to laugh and move on. The image all of us have is of a little kid, but I’ll bet dollars to donuts that 95% of them are college-aged males.

Why don’t I understand? Take Tuesday night for example. I got ganked by a level 80 DK on my level 75 DK. The level 80 was epic’d out while I’m in my quest greens. Obviously you’re going to kill me. 80 vs. 75. Epics vs. greens. And to top it off you wait until I’m in full combat with a couple of mobs as if just flat out attacking me would have caused you to lose. This asshole did proceed to camp me until he realized I was getting another toon and then disappeared.

Every time this happens to me, I tell myself the next Horde I run across I’m going to gank. Last night a level 74 druid meets my 76 DK. I had plenty of time to attack while she was in combat. I would have killed her. But I couldn’t bring myself to attack, because why should I? I have nothing to prove. Even though I’m a complete DK’tard, I knew that I would have killed her so why prove it? All I’d prove is that I’m a dick for messing with someone minding their own business.

I think I’ve reached an age or at least a point in my life where I have nothing to prove anymore. I know what I’m capable of and know generally what others are capable of and I’m fine with it. I just wish others were. If you really want to prove something, then prove that you’re all that and a bag of chips by attacking your own levels and on level ground. Killing someone 10 levels lower or someone engaged with 3 mobs proves only that you’re capable of taking advantage and not that you’re actually good at your toon.


7 Responses

  1. My perspective is as a PvE player who is bad at PvP and thinks its silly.
    And I can imagince your frustration just from a couple of wtf moments fishing in wintergrasp.

    I know Blizzard is doing a lot to water down all of old WoW class and faction differences, :-(, now you can swap factions and have both on pvp server. But if it really were this epic conflict, then certainly I would expect that you would kill every single enemy you saw. It’s war, kill the enemy. If I ever were to RP, which I won’t, killing every enemy you see even level 1 would make sense to me. Although, unlike more sophisticated games like EVE, it would not change anything in WoW and is bad game play.

    My guess is if you wanted to play normal WoW, you would play on a normal server and that the main reason most of these players rolled PvP server was to gank, so getting ganked seems like a reasonable expectation.

    But yeah – they’re just bullies, picking on the weak – Probably in a futile attempt to compensate for their “short”comings.

  2. I understand the not wanting to attack players unprovoked. I’m the same way.

    However, I levelled my first of many characters on a PvP server, and back in the day, when that meant something, some of my most favorite times in WoW were ridiculous, flat out crazy world pvp battles. The brutal, vicious ganking in Stranglethorn definitely has a place in my heart. 🙂 You can’t have those kinds of random battles in the middle of nowhere without the random ganking most of the time.

    People don’t roll on PvP servers to gank lowbies, at least most of them. I think most people roll PvP to experience the game in a more cutthroat environment in general. And that comment about killing your enemies, regardless of level or other considerations is pretty much spot on. This is war (or in the game’s context, it is) and such behaviors are perfectly justifiable.

    Keep in mind, I generally don’t do any of what you mentioned in your post. I play on a PvE server now. Even so, when I hear people stereotyping PvP players are childish I feel like stepping in to defend the playstyle. Not all of us are kids, or even college age males. We simply like the concept and fun of world pvp, and not the watered down version like Wintergrasp.

    Its just too bad you can’t really get that anymore, even on PvP servers. Most people just mind their own business, and once you get flying mounts world PvP is pretty much dead and gone. The only exception is Halaa, which even now is still a fun place to PvP. 🙂

  3. Also, I think that a decent number of people, including me, joined a pvp server because when we first started, we didn’t know what any of the shit meant, and didn’t care, we just wanted to start playing. Friends being on the same server is what made me roll characters on my second and third pvp servers though.

  4. @ShadowPriest – I wasn’t around for vanilla WoW, but I imagine those zone pvp areas much like Halaa were fun. Those kind of things I can understand. It’s the I have to kill every lowbie I see mentality I don’t understand. It’s already obvious you can kill someone 5 lvls below you.

  5. kyrilean,

    I understand your frustration. While I originally rolled a toon on a PvE server, I moved over to PvP to play with friends. I understood there would be ganking of a sort after my time playing in DAOC, but it still boggles the mind what satisfaction these people get from ganking a virtually defenseless toon. And I say this as a rogue. (waiting for the shock to set in). While the sterotype of my class is to be a ganking fool, I have never felt right in acting in that manner even on PvP servers. Hell I am nice enough to /emote to the other faction guys in the region when I’m grinding mobs to show that I am not there to harm them. Yeah I’ll go kill an Alliance fool every so often, but I feel I should give them warning enough. If I can’t defeat them when they know I’m there, then I’m not good enough.

    Yes, lorewise we are at war, but at the same time we are fighting forces which threaten the world around us. But to me ganking someone in order to make yourself feel better, especially someone busy fighting mobs, is chicken sh*t. You want to feel like a badass? Go to the arena, or go duel someone your level or close to it (like 2 levels lower at the max). Don’t get me wrong I enjoy PvP, but ganking and camping a lowbie isn’t PvP, its just a way for idiots to show of their e-peen .

  6. I too play on a PVP server. I actually get quite mad when people say “go play on PVE – it’s your own fault”. Seriously, how many people here started this game to play with friends? Yeah? Me too. And they were on a PVP server.

    When there’s obvious disparity between characters and levels I never attack. Why make a fellow human being waste the next 5 minutes of his life doing a spirit run? Because we both happened to be in the same place at the same time? Because he picked the other team? He probably picked it because all his friends play that faction.

    “I have nothing to prove.” Sums it up perfectly.

    I’m an adult, I’m OK with who I am and I don’t get any satisfaction out of beating the heck out of the underdog virtually. I can’t imagine any adult I know feeling differently so, yes, I do tend to think of gankers as teens/children.

  7. […] about PvP here. Sure I’m guilty of being annoyed by PvP. I’m on a PvP server. I feel no need to prove myself by killing lowbies, but apparently some do. For them it’s fun. It’s how they […]

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