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Aaaaaaannnnnndddd 4!

DK 80

And what are my plans? Nothing. Only needed to hit 80 to learn the Ulduar tailoring recipes. I will admit that I’m tempted to learn how to tank with him, but I’ll be headed back to my druid now.


3 Responses

  1. So Ky… when you gonna level a toon for me? Haha.

    I could really go for a pally right now! Or maybe a hunter to faceroll my keyboard with?

  2. Grats Ky. Get that Druid to 80 so you can complete the healing package 🙂

  3. My Druid has been stuck at 76 since.. maybe May? I can’t bring myself to get these last 4 levels. In fact, as someone who had 13 70’s in TBC, I only have 2 80’s in WOTLK. Even with the BoA items the leveling just seems tedious and takes forever, especially on a low pop server where you can’t get in to groups for anything but heroics.

    Grats on a 4th 80 though lol.

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