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Cataclysm: a momentous and violent event marked by overwhelming upheaval and demolition.

Yeah, I’d say that describes the blogosphere right about now. 🙂

Seems like half the people are excited about the upcoming changes and half the people aren’t. In fact, in guild chat yesterday one guy was happy that Blizzard was making raiding more accessible to the casual player, but was complaining about how Blizzard is now making things too easy for noob players with the new expansion. I pointed out that ironically all the hardcore players said the same thing about him since Wrath. 😛

A little later another guild member was complaining about all the changes and how it’s going to destroy the game. Then he complained about Heroic Gnomeregan. I pointed out that they aren’t making a Heroic Gnomeregan as they only announced the two new heroic old school dungeons. His response was that could change. I said so could everything else, so why get worked up? 😛

You can make some of the people happy all the time, all of the people happy some of the time, but you can’t make all of the people happy all of the time.

Bottom line, it could all change tomorrow. Every announcement they made, they could discover that it won’t work for various reasons or will upset their customer base too much that it could cost them millions. Who knows? Besides the release date will be over a year away. We still have Icecrown and anything else they might throw at us in the meantime. So why get worked up?

Excited? Yes. Ready? No.

Yes, I’m excited about the expansion. I like Azeroth. I hated questing there though because of the horrible drop rates for some quests and the abyssmal questlines that had you run from Point A to Point B back to Point A only to have you run back to Point B to do another quest! And that’s if you were lucky enough to not die and run back from Point C which was further away from Point B than Point A was. (I’m looking at you Redridge Mountains!) The worst were the ones where Point A was in Eastern Kingdoms and Point B in Kalimdor and vice versa. So having Azeroth redesigned with hopefully better quest design, ability to fly, and seeing those areas left incomplete (i.e. Grim Batol) are exciting prospects.

But am I ready for it all? No. I still haven’t finished Ulduar-10, only having beaten 3 of the Keepers, and it doesn’t appear that will happen for a while as we are still attempting Ulduar-25. I haven’t seen the inside of the new raids either. On top of that we still have Icecrown and Arthas to deal with which I’m looking forward to.

On top of raiding, I really want to have a fourth healer. I’ve finally got my DK to 80, learned the cloth boot and belt tailoring plans, and am now collecting mats to craft them. So it’s back to leveling my druid.

It was pointed out that leveling in Cataclysm will be much easier than it currently is, due to new quests and the obvious redesign on top of heirloom gear, so why do it now? Especially, with Worgen druids available. Well, Cataclysm is at least a year away and what the hell else am I going to do for a year? Dailies?! I don’t think so. I think BBB said it best, “because it’s fun to play NOW”.

Why I’m Excited

  • New level cap – Hey who isn’t excited to level…ALL of their toons…again? 😛 At least it’s only 5 levels, right?
  • New races – Since I play Alliance, I really like the idea of the Worgen. Goblins are kind of cool too, but even though I’d love to level a Horde someday, I just don’t think it’s ever going to happen.
  • New race/class combos – Dwarven Shaman. Dang, I want one, but I already have a shaman. Otherwise, I really don’t care that they’re opening it up. Worgen Druid. I’ll have an 80 druid by then…
  • Removal of stats – This one cracks me up as it seems to be the biggest complaint out there. It’s especially ironic since number crunching of these stats will stay the same because the stats still exist. We just don’t see them. Spellpower still there, apparently influenced by Intellect. By how much? Let the ElitistJerk geeks figure it out and believe me they still will. Just tell me how each stat weighs in compared to others and I’m good to go. Seriously, how many of you do your own calculations vs. how many of you just read that Intellect is more important than Haste is more important than mp5? Although the removal of defense confuses me to be honest. And items like Haste now controlling regen of mana, rage, energy, runes, etc. doesn’t that just make things a little more interesting and still make you have to think about stat weights? I don’t think it’s as easy as some people are initially thinking. It’s just simpler.
  • Guild Changes – Seriously cool! How many of you have lost particular items that set you back as players gquit? And some of the guild abilities like Summon Raid? No more excuses! Woot! Lots of potentially useful items here, but I wonder what happens when a guild disbands? Who gets the guild heirlooms?
  • Archaeology – It’s a secondary profession meaning everyone can learn it and besides who here hasn’t wanted to be Indiana Jones?
  • New Raids/Dungeons – Seriously, I’ve joked about Heroic Deadmines for two years now. It’s perhaps the best done vanilla dungeon in my opinion so it’ll be fun to go back. If they only made it a 25-man raid…

There’s other things to get excited about as well, but like I said it’s still a ways off and I have many other things to do until then. So for the time being I’ll enjoy myself and wait patiently for the expansion.

Patch 3.3 On The Other Hand…

Introducing the Cross Server LFG System. I will admit that it’s system with potential. Lower level instances may now be a little more accessible with a larger pool of people to pull from. (Although I never level in instances. I only quest.) And seriously how is ninja’ing going to be any worse than it already is? I’ve read several complaints about how introducing people from other servers will increase ninja’ing, but I doubt that. Just because you can’t bash them in trade chat afterwards won’t make it happen any more often. On the plus side, you can group with your friends you don’t often get to play with unless they limit it to battlegroups.

The thing to be up in arms about however is the additional reward for leading a successful pug group. Seriously, WTF?! First, everyone will want to “lead” a group. I think it’ll make it harder to form groups than it already is. Second, what makes that guy so special? If Blizz thinks it’s that hard to lead pug groups that they feel the need to reward the leader, they’ve got a larger problem going on. I’d seriously like to see them consider scrapping that idea if it’s anything other than 10 achievement points.


3 Responses

  1. People are just silly and retarded. That is the conclusion I have come to. I also agree that I will never make a goblin….I am so upset that allies got a werewolf!

    Even though they are going to look silly as hell as a mage in a dress.

  2. Make successfully leading a pug an Achievement called Herding Cats.

  3. You know..

    I’ve always wanted to see an achievement called “IcanHazCheezeburger”. I dunno what you would have to do for it… but it would so make me giggle.

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