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Fun Raiding

Last night was raid night. Ulduar25 was a pipe dream as only 16 people signed up. *sigh* But we did go in for Ulduar10 and man am I glad I got to go! I was afraid that it wasn’t going to happen, but Amber’s cranky tank (a.k.a Zoja) graced us with his presence and I personally think it helped a lot.

Although he probably gets a bad rap for being cranky, it’s also somewhat true. But Zoja seemed to be in a pretty good mood last night which helped for a fun raid. Stay tuned for screenshots Amber will probably be posting. 🙂

To add to the fun, Zoja let me take my shaman along. Atropus wanted my shaman for the heroism and the fact that of my three healers, Erdkrieg needs the gear a little bit more. I finally got the stupid healing trinket from regular ToC right before the raid, so only 3 more blues to get rid of! Woot! Then the mp5 trinket drops off FL and we did one tower for the first time which was kinda cool. We tried two, but couldn’t quite pull it off. Yeah, old hat for most of you, but a first for me! Then Ignis, the poor bastard with eternal crotch rot, dropped the bracers!!!

FINALLY!!! I’ve replaced those Stormhide whatchamawhozit blue bracers! Blizz you really dropped the ball imo on that itemization for resto shaman. There was only one true upgrade from those in Naxx25 until Ignis. Man am I happy! Only one more blue to replace and it’s a ring. Guess, I could splurge on the Kirin Tor, but still working on getting those cloth items crafted for my priest. The shocking thing was WoWHeroes now has Erdkrieg listed as more geared than my other two healers…uh oh.

Anyway, I feel like I made out like a bandit last night which is always a plus, but the real fun was in the tone of the raid. It feels like it’s been forever since we’ve had a really fun raid. I’m sure it’s not, it just felt like it after last night. Last night there was joking around (which hopefully you’ll see some of from Amber’s screenshots), a few wipes (on 2-tower FL and crazy cat lady), and CHAIN HEALS!!!

That’s right! CHAIN HEALS FTW!!!

chain heal

On XT, Mikata started commenting on my chain heal ability*. Seriously, someone needs to put her in her place because she’s just mean**! Anyway, during the heart phase when no one was taking damage and everyone was at 100% health, Mikata received a few extra, well placed chain heals for good measure. 🙂

It was a good night!

*Actually it was more the “spamming” therof.
**On our forums she called me “old and bald”. She nearly made me cry. 😛


7 Responses

  1. Ky…. I am going to beat you… you hear me?? Not in the game… physically cause harm to you.

    How’s that for being mean??

    I tried to apologize… and I gave you a /hug, you jackass!!

    And… and… and…



  2. Here you go Ky:

  3. …I need to get a bigger version of that, it’s too hard to read. But I will! And then I’ll post it!

  4. ……..


    I spoke too soon…..

  5. Amber, you’ve made me soooo happy!

    Oh and if it wasn’t quiet clear, the conversation started because Amber was giving us crap for not rezzing her and I said she got a rez. 😛

    And Mikata, I have a post for you tomorrow. LOL! ❤

  6. o.o

    A post for me??

    About what!?



  7. Grats on the upgrades!

    It’s not just like that for resto shaman, it’s pretty much most classes. Holy Pallys live on crit but if you look at the spell plate in Ulduar it’s mostly haste/mp5 which is useless to them for the most part. I have a few pieces of Naxx-25 gear that I can’t find replacements for on my Shadow Priest as well.. and I’m still using the wand from Heroic Azjol’Nerub on my Warlock who raids T9 content >.>

    I chalk that one up to bad luck, though.

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