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Slow Weekend

Didn’t do much this weekend. Took my DK in to a few regular HoL runs to help level Mikata’s and Mach’s alts. Grabbed an item or two and didn’t do too bad, even for a scrub DK. I’ll be the first to admit that I know rotations for Frost and Blood, but not much more than that.

Otherwise, I spent a lot of time on my druid getting her to 45. I think I was at 37 or 38 on Friday. I have to tell you that the two heirloom pieces sure make leveling faster. Now if I could just get Horde to leave me alone it’d be even faster.

Anyway, what’d you guys do?


9 Responses

  1. Downed Freya for the first time. That’s what I did.

  2. Nothing much either. Did a small heroic marathon on my main, and downed Hodir for the first time yesterday (we’re finally doing an equal amount of Ulduar runs compared to Naxx runs).

  3. Worked all weekend. 😦

  4. Lawl… Ky knows what I did.

    But thanks for the help getting Rei to 80, it was much appreciated. =)


  5. Went into TOC 10 man for the first time since our raid kinda fell apart. We pulled together a hodgepodge of people from other guilds, as well as our raiding core. We got our asses pretty much handed to us, mostly because we lacked geared healers (heroic blues fail so hard), but also partly because there were 2 DPS (me and a super uber MM hunter) that were doing 3500dps, and the rest of them were doing sub 2k. 10 attempts later, we actually managed to get to the yeti, but it just wasn’t there. Our healers were screaming OOM from 25% on dreadscale, so I had to stop dpsing to throw out a few petty ret heals. When I was OOM, it was pretty much over.

    BUT, we did get notice that our 2 main heals and 1 dps is coming back next week (computer is on its way from repairshop, WOOT!). So we are going to start raiding again.

  6. Finally finished up the Argent Tournament daily quests to get the Crusader title.

  7. Mined the crap out of copper ore!! MONEY CHA CHING!

  8. Busy weekend for me. Clear ToC 10 on my Main tank. Got up to the Twins in ToC 10 on my alt Tank before we called it. Clear Naxx 10 on my elemental shamy.
    By the way the Faction Champions in ToC are a bitch to kill. Hardest fight I seen so far in the game.

  9. Fantasy Football Draft weekend. Spent the entire time pretending I was 16 again, hanging out with some old friends, and capped it off with the Bears/Broncos game on TV. Life does not get better 🙂

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