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…But A Busy Week!!!

The Monday boss is definitely an elite. As a healer I was easily crit and Monday lag was so bad I couldn’t tell if I had been one-shotted. Turns out yesterday I discovered I was one-shotted, but I’ve got a few more seconds on my fail angel. So this week probably won’t be much for posts.

Anyway, I’m guessing Mikata or someone might touch on our guild meeting from last night announcing the changes we’ve made and Mach will be posting them on our guild webpage later today. But the big news that should scare everyone was…

Ky’s gonna try tanking!

Yup. I dropped Ret as I used it solely for soloing and pvp. Well I’m not much for PvP and I don’t solo with him much anymore. Since Mach wants to switch to healing for a change of pace, but is sorely needed for his tanking abilities I’ve decided to take the plunge and try out pally tanking for farmed runs like Naxx.

I grabbed what little tank gear I had, slapped it on, and have just under 100 more defense to hit cap so I’m a far cry from starting. Mach selected a tank spec for me which I have little to no idea about. So I’m in the process of gemming, enchanting, gearing, researching, etc. I’m already aware of sites like Maintankadin and a few of the paladin blogs I follow, but I’m requesting any additional help you guys might be able to give me. Where do I go? What addons do I need? Is Rawr a good app? Is it safe? I like MaxDPS, but it only has Warrior Prot evaluations. Is the gear relatively the same for paladins?

I could really use some help as work seriously crit me and it’s going to be tough to find the time. Anyone want to do roofing, door, and window take-offs on a 15-story hotel for me?


13 Responses

  1. Sure… Ky just HAS to conform, doesn’t he. He can’t be the ONLY one of the officers without a tank… that just wouldn’t be his style, would it??


    Good luck with the tanking, I’ll be sure my druid steers clear from healing your groups. =)

  2. So far, I’ve found the newest version of Rawr to be pretty reliable. Ever since I downloaded Rawr, I’ve avoided MaxDPS like the plague.

    Addons? I’d suggest Omen (of course), DBM if you don’t have it already, and Power Auras, which I personally use to monitor the status of both my Divine Plea and Holy Shield.

    I only tank heroics and whatnot, so you might look to Rhidach over at Righteous Defense, or Wrathy at Avenging Wrathy. They’re a couple of tankadins that seem to know their stuff.

  3. I can’t really help you much with tanking addons, the only addon I know that might remotely help you is Aloft, it customizes all the healthbars for incoming mobs for aoe pulls if you have them showing.

    I might be stating the obvious but Tankspot.com is a good place as I think they have a prot pally that is a prolific forum poster.

    Crafted belt/boots from Ulduar might help your gear some as well. Runed orbs should be cheaper now. There’s also alot of badge gear out there of course and epic crafted gear as well! Naxx tends to be plate friendly and you can test out your tanking there too =)

    GL on tanking!

  4. take maybe a look see here
    http://honorscode.blogspot.com/2009/08/tankadin-101.html and
    to rather easy to understand and helpful posts I’ve found lying around.

  5. First, start here…


    Forget Rawr, just use ratingsbuster and the gear guides at: http://maintankadin.failsafedesign.com/viewtopic.php?f=21&t=22300&start=0

    If you have badges and some cash, get the EoT tank gear, the Crusader emblem gear, and the two crafted Uld items. That will give you a pretty good set. Run ToC5 for the tank weapon.

    And dig on the site above for the 9696969 rotation.

    That should get you started.

  6. Rhidach at RD is indeed a good guy to follow.

    And contrary to popular belief, I do know SOMETHING about pally tanking…

  7. Rawr is good, though they don’t seem to have a paladin tank developer at the moment, so changes might lag a bit. They do seem to be caught up to the most important changes for 3.2 now.

    You don’t need any addons besides the usual DBM and Omen.

    Maintankadin (especially the basic training stickies) is the only site you need. Nothing has been quite so helpful, though various people have briefer summaries.

  8. Hey Ky welcome to the tanking world. If you think healing is stressful you’ll be in for a surprise. I have a paladin tank but only use him for farming mats. Don’t like their play stile compared to warriors.

    Just get a couple of guildies to go farm ToC with you until you get the tanking gear.

    Normal mode you get – Boots of Heartfelt Repentance, Girdle of the Pallid Knight, Legguards of Abandoned Fealty, Mercy’s Hold, and one of the best trinkets The Black Heart.

    Heroic mode you get – Peacekeeper Blade (best tanking sword under Naxx 25 Last Laugh), Helm of the Crestfallen Challenger, Regal Aurous Shoulderplate, and a nice ring in the form of Mark of the Relentless.

    By the time you get the gear from ToC you’ll be better than naxx25 gear except for the shield and axe. Good thing also is you can farm regular mode as you can keep reseting the instance. Not to mention all the crystal you get from the gear no body wants, so make sure to take someone that can DE. I have found that crafted gear is not worth the cost if you got access to badges.
    I can’t help you in the mechanics of a pally tank as I suck at it. But Miamoon is really good at it and I’m sure he’ll help you out if you need help. Just look us up in Fizzcrank and we’ll jump into vent together.

  9. Welcome to Pally tanking! A good blog to follow is Honor’s Hammer, not sure if you do already, but he just posted a great into to pally tanking article: http://honorscode.blogspot.com/2009/08/tankadin-101.html

    Good luck you!

  10. Have fun with your new tanking role! Wow, so you’re an officer now huh? I guess gone are the days of “no responsibility”. LOL

  11. As far as add-ons, no one has mentioned PallyPower but you probably already have it. Also, I would suggest a HUD add-on to monitor health and mana. I also like an add-on called Digits that displays floating text for things like health of target or focus. Helps me keep my eyes up and not wandering around the screen.

  12. @Sollenni – Yeah, yeah. Not funny! Was hoping it wouldn’t come up, if for no other reason than all the people laughing at me right now… I did almost turn it down, but I figured if nothing else if things get too stressful I’ll make sure to step down early this time. Not going to babysit a bunch of whiny, snot-nosed kids this time. If they don’t like the way things are going, there’s a whole server full of other guilds they can find.

    @Everyone – Thanks guys! I am aware of some of those addons and blogs, but some I’m not so I’ll definitely have to check them out.

  13. Aw, c’mon, laughing at you is a hobby of mine. 😉

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