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…Catching Up…Almost.

Wow, what a week! I’ve been frantically working on a bid that is due on the 15th. We’re asking subs for pricing on the 9th. It’s the 3rd. See where I’m going with this?

Seriously, I could crawl into bed right now and go to sleep for three days. Part of that is due to laying in bed at night looking at my pillow and wondering if I missed counting any kickplates, door stops, etc. But considering I was given a set of design drawings that didn’t even show doors for any rooms other than guest rooms because those the Architect can copy and paste 1000 times!!!

Seriously. Are we that lazy?! Damn Architects! I know it’s just a preliminary design drawing, but rooms with no doors?!I’ll bet he’s a huntard.

E-mail just received…

Needs to be fireproofed.


Yes, I was told this was a concrete building with no steel and no fireproofing was needed. They make a small change and now I have to scramble to contact subs, create a scope of work for fireproofing… <lie down and die>

I’m reminded of patch days…

Anyway, last night was Ulduar-10 again. We went straight for the Keepers and one-shotted every single boss to Freya. We wiped once…on trash…before Freya…I don’t even know what to say…

I do know that I’ve totally forgotten how to pally heal though. Seriously, it took every ounce of concentration to remember to judge mobs. I think last week I didn’t do it, but twice. I used to could do it in my sleep. (Yes, I said used to could. I’m a half-Japanese redneck. And?)

Tanking gear? At least two pieces dropped…I won zero…on offspec rolls…to someone I’m not sure I’ve ever seen tank. Amber says I need new dice.

New e-mail…

Bid date extended one month.