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…And Friday Brings Tears Of Joy

Finding out that our bid day has moved back a month was a kick to the nads. First, we weren’t given enough time to do the task at hand anyway, but damned if I was going to let that stop me from doing the best job that I could. So after busting tail for four days straight it was sort of disheartening to find out that my sprint to the finish line happened during the first leg of the race.

100m dash

On the one hand, I really do like my job. So as stressful as it was it was still enjoyable. Also, I know I’m ready and am pretty proud that I did 2 weeks worth of work in 3 days with cleanup on the fourth. But it’s rather disappointing to find that I stressed out so badly only to discover that I didn’t really need to. Worst of all is unless something else comes up I’m in for a boring month at work. Feast or famine. <sigh>

In all it reminds me of that final sprint to level 80. You spend all week running instances and questing to get to the finish line. Once there you research your raid spec, spend the gold to make it happen, and start researching where your gear upgrades are.

So on the weekend you grab some friends, guildies, or pugs to start farming emblems and instances for gear. After exhausting yourself all weekend, you feel you’ve got a good handle on your spec, acquired some decent gear, and purchased all you need for your first raid. You’re feeling great! You’re excited! You made it!


Raid day rolls around and you eagerly await an invite. You’ve waited so long to get this toon ready for raiding, first by leveling to 80 and then a mad dash to gear up, and you want to see what you can do. The anticipation of some real upgrades doesn’t hurt either. 🙂 As invites go out, you’re sitting on pins and needles hoping to go; confident that you’re going to go. Then it dawns on you that maybe, just maybe, you’re not going to get your chance. Disappointment begins to set in as you remember all the time and effort you took in preparing for this day. It’s only a few greens and they’re trinkets and rings to boot. A couple of purples and blues fill out the rest. It’s Naxx for goodness sake!

You understand that you’re not quite geared, but you also realize you did everything you could. You might be on the bottom of the meters, but you also know several other raiders are going to carry the entire raid anyway. So although you understand and accept it, you don’t have to like it. Disheartened you don’t feel like playing tonight and quietly log out.

On the plus side, thank God it’s Friday and the thought of that cold beer brings tears of joy!