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Back To The Grind

Welcome back, everyone! Hope everyone had a good holiday weekend. It’s always amused me that it’s called Labor Day and yet we take the day off from work. 😛


Well like I said last week, the bid date for the project I’m working on was moved back a month and I’m already done with my stuff. That means I’m probably in for a long month of grinding boredom. Feast or famine. Sheesh!

So what did I do with my weekend? Well, unfortunately my wife had to work Saturday, Sunday, and Monday so we didn’t do anything. That did leave me with a lot of time with the kids and WoW. Enter level grinding! 🙂


Friday evening my druid was level 48 and since there weren’t too many guildies on at the time I decided to spend some time leveling her. I got caught by a massive leveling bug, because as of today she is one quest away from 63. A few guildies were somewhat surprised. So how did I do it?

First, no I did not use recruit-a-friend. That would be awesome! My wife would kill me though. That said, I have to say that with two heirloom items and the rested experience that lasted almost two levels, leveling still has never been easier! I will also state that even though I’m leveling as kitty, I have no qualms about wearing the spellpower cloth shoulders to get my extra 10%. 🙂 On top of that utilizing this guide hasn’t hurt either. I think it might be slightly dated due to recent patches, but it still works rather well.

While leveling I avoided all dungeons and related quests, group quests, and quests that had me go from one end of the world to the other. If I had room for those types of quests and knew I’d be in the area soon anyway, I kept them. With the added XP bonus, you don’t need to complete each quest in a zone. Also, the time it takes to do low-level dungeons just isn’t worth it. Questing is really what it’s about.

The trick is to use a quest addon like Carbonite or Questhelper and then to make sure you hit every possible quest in a particular area you can before moving to the next. I often look at the locations of where I’m to go and then plan a route ahead of time. You’d be amazed at how much time you actually spend by running back and forth turning in quests versus completing all quests before turning them in. After having leveled so many other toons through the same areas, I’ve become quite adept at ignoring the quest and just knowing which one it is by the highlights on my map.

Anyway, I’ve had a lot of fun leveling my druid. It’s gotten faster and now that I’m in Outland, I expect it’ll go a little faster again since the quests have better drop rates, designs, and are a lot more local than Azeroth. And people thought I was dumb for not waiting until Cataclysm when leveling will be easier. That’s at least a year off! I’ll be 80 by the end of the month. 🙂

toucansamOh and Flight Form? SWEEEEEET! Besides, the ability to just fly up and over mobs to get to the quest area being easier, it’s so unfair that I now get to pick up quest items without dismounting. It also just seems cooler than a flying mount which is stupid considering it’s the same mechanic and no different than just flying on a mount’s back, but I’m absolutely loving it!


7 Responses

  1. Ky…

    20 bucks…

    Level me a pally…


  2. You should try WoW Pro’s Tourguide leveling guide. When you have it all set up, it tells you what quests to do it what order, including a giant arrow telling you what to do next. Leveling with that goes really, really fast. Probably the most time efficient thing. The main problems are that with rested XP and heirloom XP items you’ll end up outleveling the guide fairly fast. Also, there aren’t guides for every Northrend zone.

  3. @Mikata – You know I love ya, but $20?! Besides, I have my 2nd pally to level, although if we did the IAF I could dual-box…

    @Argon – Is that the addon you’re talking about? I have seen Jame’s guide before, but haven’t looked at it in ages.

  4. But but but… I’ve already got 2 accounts… I can’t afford a 3rd!!


  5. Flight form is far superior to a regular flying mount! It’s instant cast and you can interact with most things while in flight form.

    It’s really super duper awesome for two of the Argent Crusade dailies in Zul’Drak: the ones where you collect flowers and roots. You are not shifted out of form when interacting with the quest objects. This helps a lot with finishing all of them in record time for that 500 rep bonus. But the one where you incinerate the defeated bodies does shift you out of flight form. I assume it’s because you are using an item (the oil) vs. collecting an item.

    Grats on leveling your druid! It’s a great class to play. 🙂

  6. I just want to say Kudos for Toucan Sam. I love that guy. Follow your nose…It always knows!

  7. Druids don’t have to shift when herbing either. How unfair is that?! Ok, so my druid doesn’t herb, but she mines. I want to mine without shifting…/cry

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