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How Heroic Are You?

Poor Mikata. She’s apparently had it rough with the RNG boss. But she’s not alone. Let me give you my sob stories.


Kyrileanthos – Holy Paladin. Has 4-piece tier 7.5, but that blasted helm never ever dropped. The main reason why I have the helm graphic turned off. When its turned on it looks like a brown piece of doodoo on top of a pile of golden mustard. That said I sort of gave up on it and then stopped playing him almost altogether as this guild has a serious Holy Priest obsession.

Maedchen – Holy Priest. Wearing the following:

    Wand of San’layn – That’s right. A blue. That drops off Prince Keleseth in heroic UK. The first boss of UK. The easiest freaking Wrath instance out there!!! Oh and it’s a dps wand by the way… WTF?! Granted Maedchen used to be shadow. I spent weeks farming AN and OK for their wands, then Naxx in hopes of a wand. One time a wand dropped in Ulduar10, but I lost the roll. That’s right, I’m healing Ulduar with a blue dps wand! I’m LEET!!!
    Valorous Raiments of Faith – Woohoo! Tier gear! Um…dps tier gear… That’s right, I haven’t gotten anything to replace it yet. And no I’m not into farming heroics. I’ll talk about that in a bit.

Seriously, these are what I’m equipped with and have for healing Ulduar. If I was in a hardcore guild or if my guild’s officers were a little more attentive, I’d probably get slapped!

Erdkrieg had issues. Major issues. I dinged 80 and tried to run a few heroics and gear would not drop. I tried to get into guild Naxx25s, but Hunt didn’t want to take me as I wasn’t geared for it. So if I wanted to go it was with my priest. On the couple of off chances that I did get to go, and I went as Enhanced, no loot dropped for me. Also the two runs I was in were fail and we didn’t get far.

So I was forced to pug Naxx. In order to try and get into a pug I purchased a few items to get at least a few purples. When shaman loot dropped, and I stress the when, it was always Enhance gear which is nice as it is my off-spec, but I’m not really concerned with Enhance gear.

For two weeks straight I went on Naxx pug runs that took 5 hours to clear two wings. Yes! Two wings! AND ONE OF THEM WAS SPIDER!!! Were they undergeared? Did they not know the fights? Nope. They had people that didn’t pay attention and people that would AFK every two minutes. I’m not even exaggerating. And guess how much loot dropped? Guess which bosses even had the potential to drop the loot I needed?

The ironic thing is I finally got enough purchased gear with a couple of other epics and then had a run of good luck. In two days I was able to get lucky enough to run a couple of raids, a heroic ToC, and then have Zoja invite me to an Uld10 raid which filled out my epics minus one. And even more ironically, Erdkrieg’s the most geared toon I have according to WoWHeroes.

Mikata, I don’t know if it makes you feel any better, but just remember you’re not alone. 🙂

Anyway, on to the real part of the post.

How Heroic Are You?

Are you the kind of player that once you ding 80 will not rest until you’ve gotten the best upgrade, enchant, and gem you can possibly have? Do you scan WoWHeroes every day to compare yourself with all your guildies? Do you find yourself scanning the internet for the best-in-slot items and then do all you can to go after them?

I used to be that guy.


In Burning Crusade, I wanted so badly to get into the 25man raids. But week after week and problem after problem kept us from getting past Kara. It took months to get a crew good enough to get into Gruul’s and Mag’s. We made it, but we didn’t make it much farther than that.

I eventually resigned myself to the fact that Black Temple and SSC were never going to happen and that I’d only ever see a couple of the Tempest Keep and Mt. Hyjal bosses. So when I looked at my gear score on BeImba! (WoWHeroes not being around at the time) I worked towards whatever upgrades were available to get just one more point within my given accessible area.

At one point I discovered that my desire for upgrades began to ruin the game for me. It was frustrating to say the least. I was ready to quit. But a little time off to rethink and reboot, I switched my mindset from upgrades to just having fun and the game has never been better!

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to get the next upgrade, to be the best, to be better than everyone else around you. There IS a problem if it becomes your primary or only focus.


Oh, but Ky you’re just saying what the noobs, the morons, and the lazy players say!

No, I’m not. The problem with trying to get the next upgrade to be the best or better than those around you is THERE WILL ALWAYS BE SOMEONE BETTER THAN YOU.

When Kyrilean was my only raiding toon, I thought I was the bomb. I got compliments. I was told I was the best holy paladin, and occassionally the best healer, people had ever seen. I enjoyed it as anyone would. Yeah, I always figured there were probably better holy paladins out there, but I did think I was the shiznit. So when transferring to this server and meeting Yarp…yeah you’ve already heard me talk about him.

Today it’s embarassing to admit I have a holy paladin. Last night’s Ulduar raid? If I didn’t forget to Judge, I forgot to Shield. If I didn’t forget to Shield, I forgot to Divine Plea. If I didn’t forget to Divine Plea, I forgot to Judge. Although I don’t think it was noticed by anyone (except when I joked about it), it was freaking embarassing! Oh and I let Zoja die because I couldn’t find my Lay on Hands button fast enough… (There’s a reason why it’s keyed to the middle finger. It’s my way of waving at the boss. :))

Finding Your Comfort Zone

comfy chair

When the patch hit, my guild was running heroics like the gear would disappear tomorrow. I think I ran two in the first week. Why? Well the AH was eating up a lot of time and I get really bored of running the same content once it’s on farm and heroics have been on farm for a very, very long time. Besides which I seem to think that I’ll get the emblems from raiding anyway so it works for me.

If this were BC still, I’d be farming heroics. But it’s not. I firmly believe that gear played a larger part in raiding than it does now. If you haven’t read it yet, I’ll point you in Gevlon’s direction. His guild conducted an experiment and happened to clear Uld10 in blues. It can be done. You have to have skilled players, but the point is gear isn’t everything. I’ll admit I don’t think I’m skilled enough to do it, but the idea is there.

So I found my comfort zone by being happy to be good enough. If I can heal an instance with minimal deaths, then I’m good enough. That doesn’t mean that I walk into Naxx25 and heal with ilvl 150 greens and there are no deaths so I’m awesome! That just means the group is probably carrying me. I’m not OK with that, so I will gear up to the point where I’m not carried.

Running a guild scan of the healers on WoWHeroes last night showed me that I have the #6, #7, and #8 geared healers in the guild and #28, #29, and #32 in guild overall. Lilishka, Oasic, Mikata, Kotakh (our new resto druid), and Yarp (who quit the game about a month ago) were higher. Lyrandre also outgears me, but she must have logged as shadow. I’m proud of having my healers in the top ten, but then again the others don’t hardly raid or are other alts. So actually, I’m probably at the bottom. 😛 A year ago, this would not have been acceptable. Today? I got better things to do like level my druid.

My comfort zone may not be your comfort zone and that’s fine. Just be very careful about getting caught up in the gear grind and comparing yourself to others. I found my comfort zone in order to not get burned out. If I had to run 5 heroics every day to get all the gear I wanted and deal with door bosses, RNG bosses, loot whores, fail pugs, etc. I would go insane. So I go at my own pace, comfortable that I’m “good enough”.

This is the long version. Skip to 1:35 for the start of the actual song.


7 Responses

  1. Thanks Ky, I really appreciate you trying to help get me out of a slump.

    By the way, Kotakh, I don’t believe, actually has a blog (that I’ve seen), highlatencylife.wordpress.com is actually written by Rivs (Frostscourge).

  2. OMG he linked my blog to a dirty Druid!!!!! I need to scrub myself when I get home!

  3. Ooops! LMAO!!! Too many recruits and yet not enough. 🙂

  4. OMG, the wand. /facepalm The sad thing is, there’s not even a good obtainable upgrade that you can get without beating the RNG boss or doing the heroic daily for two weeks to get 25 Emblems of Triumph (and even then the wand you can get with those is, of course, a dps wand). I really feel for you.

    And I thought I have it bad, as whenever I do VoA on my priest I see shaman gear drop, but when I’m on my shaman only priest gear drops …

    I tend to be obsessed about getting upgrades – even to the point where ilvl is more important than stats, sometimes. I really should stop to think about what makes the game fun for me BESIDES getting upgrades, and concentrate on those things.

    Great post!

  5. A very good post.

    I chose to raid with friends instead of a top guild because they do not worry about gear and they are willing to experiment with different strategies even after a boss is on farm.

    We’re having fun.

    Enough said.

  6. OMG I forgot about the wand…its the only one I’ve seen with haste, and hit. And if you get to know me I love my haste.

  7. I am one of those that pushes my gear to the limits. I know what I need, and I generally try to push myself there.

    That being said, I know that it can lead to burnout. I know when to quit it (and have recently resigned myself to the fact that I am tired of heroics), and have recently started pursuing loremaster – in some ways an equally massive undertaking, LOL. But I want to see it and have fun in old world before it is blown to smithereens.

    And the drops. Good lord, in naxx my tier pants would never drop – and the day that it did, it went to the preist…. who prompty replaced them 2 weeks later.. GRRRR!

    Now it is my shoulders. I need the shoulders out of either ulduar (havent quite got that far – damm you hiatus!), or better yet – H TOC. I have been in toc umpteen times and it just wont drop for me. it dropped for my sister twice – as her offset for her tank pally and one time for a shard – but not for meeeeee even once! RNG is a cruel mistress indeed.

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