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Random Screenshots

Let’s just say last night’s Ulduar was…eventful. Enough so that Mikata said it was going to be screenshot day. Since tomorrow’s post was written a couple of days ago, has little to do with WoW, and is on a serious note, let’s have some fun! 🙂

I know I showed this one before and I didn’t understand it, but perhaps it was just foreshadowing the faction changes that are now available.

Things that make you go hmmm

Trade chat is sometimes funny.

maybe he's an ogre

This screenshot was taken before faction changes were available. How do some people get to 80?


Amber’s bossy.


Another one you’ve already seen, but we always like Amber’s classic RW explanations.


I thought dwarves were expert craftsmen?

poor craftmanship

Capitalism. 🙂

Titanium Undercutting

Can you say scam?

you make the call

And finally for all of you that wanted to know what really goes on in Officer Chat.

Officer Chat2

Officer Chat