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September 10th, 2001 

I had just recently started working at Sundance Resort. Yes, the same place Robert Redford owns, who by the way is a pretty cool guy, not that he’d ever remember me. I was working in the Maintenance Department at the time and let me tell you this was one of my favorite jobs ever. I loved working there. One of the best friends I’ve ever had still works there. It’s a beautiful place if you ever get a chance to visit.

Because I enjoyed it so much, I loved waking up and going to work. But tomorrow was going to be a day I would never forget…

September 11th, 2001

Approx. 7:00am MDT – I turn on the TV to watch the news while getting dressed for work. A news chopper is headed towards the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center to investigate an apparent plane crash into one of the towers. I remember thinking to myself, “How blind do you have to be to fly into a tower?!” In the distance, you can see smoke billowing from the side of one of the towers. The cameraman zooms in on the tower in an attempt to see the tower a little better. The chopper is still a couple of miles away from the building.

7:03am MDT – As I sit at the dining room table putting on my boots a second plane appears in the lower corner of the camera and slams into the other tower. Shocked and confused I drop the laces to my boots…

The rest is history.


It’s been 8 years. Sometimes it feels like a lifetime away. Other times it feels like it was only yesterday.

I remember being afraid. Very afraid. I was afraid of what was to come. I was afraid for my family. But as a wise one once said, “Fear leads to anger.” And like a prophecy my fear quickly turned to anger as I reached the point where my body could not live with the fear any longer. I found myself an Angry American among many. But as angry as I was, as scared as I was, I still to this day cannot imagine how the survivors and loved ones of those that lost their lives must have felt or still feel today.

angry puppy

I know that I’m angry. I think I’ll be angry for the rest of my life. And although the fire doesn’t burn as it once did, the embers still glow. Those embers burn because I’m angry that people exist out there that can treat others with such disregard. That some will hide behind religion to further their goals and recruit others to help them is something I’ll never understand. Sadly, many of those recruited probably believe strongly that they are doing the right thing.

I’m not picking on those in the Middle East. I strongly believe that Muslims as a majority are good people, but I believe that they have some rotten apples just like any other group of people. Anyone remember David Koresh?

Remember, it is one thing for God to condemn and persecute someone for their sins. It is entirely different for a person to do the same. We have no right to treat someone badly for their beliefs, but we just can’t seem to get past that whether in the real world or the world of Azeroth; just look at forum and trade chat trolls if you don’t believe me.

Remembering 9-11

I don’t work at Sundance anymore. Haven’t for many years now. I do work for a company that was fortunate enough to be a part of remembering this tragic day. Although I was not personally a part of this great monument, I am proud of the contribution we made in building the Pentagon Memorial that was dedicated last year on this day.


Each bench is oriented along the path of the plane as it crashed into the Pentagon. Each bench is inscribed with the name of one of the 184 victims on the end of the bench. If you are reading the name and see the Pentagon, that person died in the building. If you are reading the name and see the sky in the background, that person died on the plane.

My Request To You

I have several requests of my readers.

First, take a moment to remember and try to live this day with a little more understanding and acceptance than normal. Even if it means not making fun of that noob in trade chat for one day.

Second, I would ask you to forgive, but I don’t know that I can yet so that would be hypocritical. But if you’re able to, you’re a much stronger and better person than I. And for those of us that can’t, I ask you to not make the mistake of directing our unforgiving nature towards the innocents that are maligned due to their associated heritage.

Third, although I was taught that part of forgiveness is forgetting, I still view them as two entirely separate things. As such, if there’s one thing all of you do this day, regardless of what nationality or background you come from, please make sure to never forget.


Never forget the people who lost their lives on this tragic day. Never forget the heroes of Flight 93 that lost their lives fighting back and through their actions saved the lives of an unknown number of people by preventing the terrorists from reaching their target. Never forget the courageous firefighters, police officers, and other emergency workers that lost their lives attempting to save others. Never forget this tragic day when a nation, when a world, mourned together. For a brief time, we were one. Never forget.

Fourth, where were you when the world stopped turning?