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Weekend Update

Another weekend update.

Ran a Naxx25 on Saturday that got me a new ring which now has me at 536 defense. Add in the nearly 10k gold I spent on gems, enchants, and additional gear and I’m almost to defense cap and then I’ll take a stab at tanking. Terrified by the way.

Played my druid a little bit as well and last night…

Selfreya 70

Other than that I did have to go in to work for a few hours yesterday because I’m in for another hell week at work, so I apologize in advance if the posts are a little sparse.

So with that said, here’s a shameful recruiting plug as we’re getting really close to having enough players for 25s again.

We need a few more people (a couple more melee dps and a hunter would be nice, but we’ll definitely look at others) looking for a “casual hardcore” guild. By casual, I mean you come and go as you please, but dedication and performance gets you to Core Raider status meaning you get first invites to raids. By hardcore, I mean signing up for raids, showing up on time, coming prepared, paying attention, and performing. No one’s going to beat your chops for not min-maxing, though someone might wonder what you’re doing if you are doing something a little odd.

We’ve had a few new recruits that seem to be enjoying themselves so far, even going so far as faction and server transfers. Before anyone considers that, I’d highly recommend you join us on vent and/or roll a toon to check out guild chat. Get a feel of what’s there before doing anything extreme.

Raid days are currently: Mon, Wed, Thur 7pm-10pm Central Time

Pug stuff often happens on the weekends, but a lot of people seem to have social lives and think weekends are for going out. Pfft! Young people.


8 Responses

  1. You also get to play with me THEE Frostscourge. The Man, The Legend….

  2. The PoS who isn’t good for a damn thing because he ACTUALLY believes IRL > WoW…


  3. Ouch! That’s pretty harsh. Even if he has given you crap for the Kris. LOL!

    @Rivs – We need to find something new to taunt her with. 😛

  4. @Mikata – Chinji mae hakuchi.

    @Kyr – Patience young grasshopper.

  5. @Riv
    Hahahahaha… you think your cute, jerk.

  6. I am, at least all those girls I pay say I am.

  7. your guild sounds like something I would be interested in. I will check it out.

  8. @thedoctor – Would definitely love to have you take a look! 🙂

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