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5 hours 40 minutes until…



Unfortunately, now that summer is officially over there’s no more going home at 3pm… /sadpanda

Sorry about the lack of posts this week. Work has been hell. On the plus side, I’ve learned how to do a few new things…primarily how to price out a building with no specifications and not much more than a drawing on a paper napkin. Ah the joys of construction! 😛

Anyway, I can’t wait until the day is over. This day is going to be long just because I think I’m finally caught up and probably won’t have a lot to do today. So I’ll daydream about what I’m going to do with my weekend.

The wife has to work again this weekend so that should give me plenty of time to play WoW and torture the kids too. The druid hit 72 last night and I’d love to get to 80 by Sunday evening, but I’d also like to get Ky about 8 more emblems to buy a healer’s helm or shoulders and also to get the last couple tanking items I need to hit defense cap. (Damn, I wish I hadn’t been too tired to go to Naxx last night. I’d be done already.)

It’s taken me two days to mill and craft almost 1000 inks. Why? Because I’m really bored of the glyph business and can’t sit there hitting my spacebar for 30 minutes. At least crafting inks is an /afk activity. But crafting glyphs?! I’m pretty sure I’m out of all the high selling glyphs, but with the exception of the last two days, I’m still making 3k/day on glyphs alone. I’ve basically ignored posting glyphs the past two days and still made 1.5k/day. So as much as I don’t want to, I need to spend some time getting my inventory back up, reset glyphs, and do some things to get back in the game.

I’ve also known how to craft a Mekgineer’s Chopper for some time now, but haven’t done it yet. I have 50k so it’d be easy to do, but I’ve just hesitated for some dumb reason, probably wondering what to sell it for.

I’d really love to hit the gold cap, but I spent a lot on gearing up for tanking, helping friends, etc. so I keep spending what I earn. So even though I won’t have to spend much in the next little while and can save, the problem is the AH has gotten real boring…


Ah the reason we play WoW. To avoid boredom. And what eventually takes away the best of players. Boredom.

Leveling the druid has been a ton of fun, though Outland still sucks btw*. And the prospect of leveling through Northrend again isn’t really all that bad. I like Northrend. It’s set up very well. Even having done it four times already, the quests in general are still fun.

I’m looking forward to getting my druid to level 80. I’m guessing that Amber and Josh hit level 80 on their hunter and paladin respectively last night and may have even had the chance to get into Naxx, albeit late if they did. If so, I’m sure they’ll be hitting Naxx over the next few weeks. It would be nice to get my druid in there as well while those types of runs continue with few to no pugs.

Naxx. Dear Lord, I’m not looking forward to that. Yes, I’m looking forward to healing on my druid and seeing what that is like. Yes, I’m looking forward to doing a little gear research and gearing up in general, but Naxx?!


I’m also looking forward to leveling another toon. (Vote for the class on my sidebar.) I’ll have (5) 80s soon. I’m halfway there. 😛 I just wish Blizzard would lift the 10 toon per server limit. 

We also seem to be doing well on recruiting. We seem to have a decent number of healers, although a couple have odd schedules. We also seem to have sufficient tanks, although one or two more wouldn’t hurt. Amber’s sister needs to hurry up and level or transfer her current toon. What we need are a few more dps. Then we’ll have enough for 25s again. Man, I want 25s!

On the plus side, we’re making decent progress in Ulduar10. I opted to sit Wednesday because I missed out on Monday’s run and didn’t feel it appropriate to have Kotakh sit out after filling my spot and helping get us to Mimiron. They not only got Mim down, but Vezax too! 🙂

On top of leveling and gearing the druid, I’ve sort of started to get a bug about gearing up my DK. I know, I know. I said I wasn’t going to do anything with him. He was there for professions only and some fun runs when bored. Well, I guess I’m bored! 😀 If I’m going to learn how to tank on my pally, I figure I may as well learn how to tank on the DK too.

With all this positive and exciting stuff going on, why am I bored?

5 hours 30 minutes and counting…

*I never liked leveling in Outland. Ever. Even on my paladin. It was only better than the old world because the quests were better grouped, had better drop rates, etc. But the areas sucked in my opinion. Only made worse by having leveled through it 5 times now. The only saving grace this time was having two pieces of heirloom gear and getting to avoid Netherstorm, Shadowmoon Valley, and half of Blade’s Edge.


2 Responses

  1. I can second your week. As a Construction Scheduler, I think that the monthly and year-end report times are designed to kil us all. (As a matter of fact, I haven’t had a day away from work since the 7th). 70+ hour weeks have a tendancy to lower your WoW time, make you too tired to think, and force you into mindless repetative tasks.

    But hey, Hunter up! Easy to play, but a bwitch to master.

    6 hours to go….


  2. Leveled a rogue in between working and raiding with my main, and I will say it was a blast and quick. And you can do quests others would need a group for Stealth in Kill, stealth out. I have had so much fun on that rogue I had to put it away before I switched mains….ya i have a tank main….

    I know what you mean bout work…i am 3 min for quit time then onto some emblem runs and raiding all weekend!!


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