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I Shouldn’t Be An Officer Because…

…I don’t do well with jerks.

…I don’t do well with lazy.

…I don’t do well with stupid.

Being in a guild that knows I have a blog can be rough. Some of the things you want to complain about have to be done ever so carefully, or you cause drama. This is also amplified by being an officer of said guild. Amber obviously can get away with more than I can as she knows a lot of these people in real life. Mikata gets away with it because I think she has thicker skin. 😛 Or perhaps it’s just she’s closer in age to most of the members than I am. I probably come off more as the crotchety old man.


…I Don’t Do Well With Jerks.

There’s a time and a place for everything and that includes being a jerk. I can compete with the best of them, when I feel the situation calls for it.

Just because you’re having a bad day…

…don’t expect special favors like replacing people in raids that you outrank. You were late. You had real life issues. You chose to be elsewhere. Deal with it. Don’t be a jerk about it. It isn’t our fault.

…don’t get all defensive and be an ass when people are joking around with you. We didn’t know you had a bad day. Politely ask us to refrain because you had a bad day and you’ll find a lot of understanding and sympathetic people.

 …I Don’t Do Well With Lazy.

If you ask a question, I will gladly answer if I can. Better yet, I will attempt to help you find out where you can find all future answers as well. It’s amazing how much information can be found at WoWHead.

But you will find me rather uncooperative and crotchety when…

…you continue to ask if anyone has that one particular old world item for weeks on end and we refer you to WoWHead repeatedly. Then when I inform you that the highest drop rates are in a particular area off certain mobs and you ask where those mobs are, don’t be surprised when I tell you to look it up and WoWHead will give you a map pinpointing the exact locations. Also, don’t be surprised or offended when I don’t help you in the future because you tell me that you’ll just farm the entire zone because you’re too lazy to look it up. Why do you expect others to look it up for you when you’re too lazy?!

…you continue to link upgrade after upgrade asking everyone what is better. For the love of Pete!!! Please do a little research!!! Asking if a tank ilevel 200 piece is better than an ilevel 226 piece with almost the same defense, same # of gem slots, and different block and dodge ratings, and then taking the advice of dps players that haven’t tanked before…I don’t even know where to go with this statement.

…I Don’t Do Well With Stupid.


Again, if you ask questions you seriously don’t know the answers to, I am more than willing to help you if I can. But you gotta be willing to help yourself!!!

A perfect example of someone that doesn’t do any research is…

…one who links two dps items when spec’ing tank/healer and asks which is the better upgrade.

…one who then asks “[said dps spec] needs hit?”** when the other was told that unless he’s hit capped that item A is better.

…one who asks guild where to get goggles for wolpertingers. Answer: Just get drunk.

…one who asks guild where to find said wolpertingers. Answer: Right there.

…one who asks guild where the pink elekks are. Answer: GET DRUNK AND READ THE F’ING QUEST!!!

…one who asks guild how hard the brewfest boss is when told to treat it like an instance.

…one who asks why can’t he solo it?

…one who asks guild what can be bought with Brewfest Tokens?

…one who continues to ask every conceivable and inconceivable question regarding Brewfest when told a step-by-step guide can be found at WoWHead.

So Why Shouldn’t I Be An Officer?

Because when I wasn’t an officer I didn’t care…

*FYI, I love Wilford Brimley. I think he’s a fantastic actor, but this picture was just too good to pass up. 🙂
**According to some of the other officers, this is also a guy that had unbelievable dps in Naxx the other night… /headdesk, /Headdesk, /HEADDESK


9 Responses

  1. …I don’t do well with jerks.

    …I don’t do well with lazy.

    …I don’t do well with stupid.

    Its funny…because imo those three reason are the best three reasons that you SHOULD be an officer!

    If all officers were like that they’d be a lot less jerks/lazy/stupid people in the best guilds (I’m not saying our guilg is full of these people…i dont know them well enough yet 😉

    Anyway, totally agree with everything you said.

  2. “Do priests need hit to heal?”


    I tell them we’re not the damn wiki! 😛

  3. WTF is a wolpertinger? HAHA.

    With great power Kyr, comes great responsibility.

  4. I think you should add one more to:

    So Why Shouldn’t I Be An Officer?

    Because been an officer its the fastest way to quiting the game.

  5. I know what you mean about the whole blog and guild/officer drama. When I started mine, about 7 others in the guild sprung up, suddenly there was drama almost everyday, some using the blog as a weapon…it was nuts.


  6. Why so negative, bro? 😛 I can certainly see where you’re coming from, but really that’s how it is with (almost) everything. If you have questions about cooking, about cleaning, about school work, good books, latest fashion, current world affairs… there’s always a place you can look for answers. Everything can be found on Google anyway, so why even discuss matters at all right?

    Man, I can’t even begin to imagine how boring it would be if everyone would redirect you to Wowhead and Elitistjerks every time you had a question. If that’s how it was in my guild I’d just start playing Morrowind instead or something.

  7. In Kyr’s defense, a lot of the time the issue is that the question is asked, an answer given, and the answer is REPEATEDLY IGNORED, which makes me nerdrage like nothing else.

    Also, /waves, this is Celaeno. 😀

  8. @Wall – There’s always one of you isn’t there? 😛

    No, the problem I have isn’t with the questions. It’s the way the questions are asked.

    For example, I haven’t yet researched druid healing. I don’t know the stat priority yet. Sure I’ll probably approach someone in guild that knows and I’ll probably get some answers that are right and some that are wrong. But what I hope to get is answers on where to go to find out.

    Asking me every day if I have a Globe of Water when the response is no is in itself annoying. But what’s aggravating is asking me where to find them and then refusing to look up on WoWHead for where the mobs are located and expecting me to tell you. That I have a problem with.

    I’m more than happy to help, but you gotta meet me half way. 🙂

    /wave at Cel

  9. […] be an officer again and apparently absence breeds stupidity because shortly thereafter I remembered why I shouldn’t be an officer. I don’t hate it as I enjoy being a part of the process. I’m very opinionated and […]

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