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BoO vs. Yoggie: Round 1

So a week ago I got into a big ol’ fight with the ball & chain. Just kidding. It wasn’t that big of a fight. Kidding. I got in a fight with my loving wife. 🙂

Anyway, it happened about 10 minutes before raid time so I had to quickly state that I would be late and they should replace me if necessary. About 25 minutes later I said I gotta go and quickly logged. That night I unfortunately missed out on some continued Ulduar fun. Then on Wednesday when we extended the lockout, I sat out because I didn’t feel it right to make Kotakh sit out when he’d helped us get to Mimiron. So even though I outrank him and he graciously offered to sit out for me, I told him to go instead. And they downed Mimiron and Vezax! 😀

BoO vs. Yoggie: Round 1

So last night was a continued battle to go after dear old Yoggie. And again, I didn’t get us there so I sadly listened in on Vent while they explained the fight and went over some strategy…


My druid hit 79 over the weekend and tonight was the night I was going to hit 80!!! 😀 As for paying attention? I think I heard a few items like avoid the green shit, watch your sanity, kite, portals, run, fail, epic fail, dude what the hell, ok I’m starting to make some of those up, but you get the picture.

So I quite happily and quite contentedly worked on leveling my druid. But then…

BoO: 0 – Yoggie: 1

About 1.5 hours into the raid one of our dps raiders decides he has to go and do homework because he has a quiz tomorrow. Fair enough. Real life before games. Totally understand. Why the hell did you come to the raid to begin with?!

First let me say, I like this guy. He’s a good kid. He’s just a teenager and my priorities are definitely not his priorities. So coming to the raid knowing full well that you can’t stay for the entire raid during PROGRESSION is inconsiderate to say the least. Aside from interrupting the raid while a replacement is found, you’ve now introduced a new person into the raid that doesn’t know what you’ve been going through and is going to hold the raid back while they go through the exact same wipes while the new guy tries to catch up.

Enter The New Guy

Amber starts frantically asking me to come to raid. They need dps and not heals so I figure she’s just whining. Turns out she was serious because Kotakh was switching to Boomkin, so I told her if Josh wants me to come, I’ll come. Evidently he’s the one asking her to ask me anyway.

Remember how I mentioned I wasn’t really paying that much attention earlier? Damn! And I was getting really close to hitting 80 besides!!! 😦

Anyway, they ask for my pally and I zone in, but as I try to teleport I realize I’m saved to Mach’s Saturday run so I ask them if they want the shaman or priest, and shaman wins due to Cleansing Totem and my superior cleansing abilities.

After a quick overview of Phase 1 and 2, I proceed to noob my way through healing. First impressions? Healing Phase 1 is a joke. I spammed Chain Heal the entire time with a few LHWs and Riptides and was still at 95% mana, but we wiped the first few times due to floating green crap and inattentive dps’ers.

By the way, after one wipe Amber eloquently stated that the “The green shit is like baby diarrhea poop. You don’t want anything to do with it!” Man, I wish I could screenshot Vent. 😛 Anybody know a free good voice recording program?

Healing Phase 2 is rough as hell because it’s not so much about healing as it is about cleansing. It’s also about trying to figure out how to get into the damn portal which I failed at EVERY SINGLE time!!! First time I was too far away trying to restore a little sanity and got hit with Malady which had me walking in circles, then Apathy had me walking too slow, and then the portal disappeared. The other times were Apathy induced nightmares. Any suggestions on where I should stand next time?

Well as you can imagine frustrations were abundant, but I was having fun. I was seeing something new. Phase 1 seemed really easy as long as people were paying attention to clouds. Phase 2 is a nightmare, but hopefully I can train my eyes to be in 14 places at once. We had one really good attempt into Phase 2, but I think I’m a big part to blame on that one since I failed at getting into portals and cleansing. We did get into Phase 2 several times so all in all it was a pretty good night. Granted I also heard Yogg was nerfed to the ground several times so…

Anyway, a good night in my opinion. Oh and I almost forgot…



3 Responses

  1. Grats on level 80 on your druid.

    Druid healing is a lot of fun imo (of course i never tried any other healing class so my opinion isnt worth much lol).

    As for the Yogg fight…phase 2 is HELL…phase 1 should be a walk in the park. We just need dps that pay attention to clouds…and run DBM!! Still cant believe that some people dont have DBM/BW when raiding. Seriously guys, get out of the stone age for god sake.

    If you need some pointer on druid healing, ask away.

  2. The slow debuff is actually from a poison. Spam cleanse spirit like mad. We never actually sent a healer into the portals in 10m Yogg, not sure if you’re doing 10m or 25m? You want to burn him as quickly as possible so having an enhance shaman or ret pally go in can help so they throw heals if really needed, but we didn’t have any of them so had all melee go in and burn, use pots if they needed them.

  3. Yeah our dps never needed a ton of healing and were easily topped off after coming out of the portals. It is far more beneficial for you to stay out and help cleanse the people fighting the tentacles and send in another melee dps into the portals.

    Don’t feel bad. Our guild is functionally-retarded when it comes to hopping into the portals and we generally have …a feral druid who makes it in and goes mad because it takes too long. MAD CAT DISEASE!

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