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New Dungeon Loot Feature: The New Ninja Feature?

Patch 3.2 introduced the following new feature:

New Dungeon Loot Feature

    Players will now be able to trade soulbound items with other raid or group members that were eligible for the loot. This system will work like the Item Buy Back system and allow 2 hours for players to trade an item after it has been looted. Players who choose to enchant or add gems to the item will get one last confirmation before losing the ability to trade the item.

When I was first made aware of this feature, I predicted this would allow for a new form of ninjalooting in pug groups; mainly the acquiring of gear by someone who doesn’t need it in order to pass it to someone that does. This would in effect give someone double the chance of acquiring gear.

Now I’m sure that most of us have run into this issue and either made our own decisions on how to handle it or watched others make a decision. It finally happened to me.

Last night while healing for the first time on my druid and helping finish a Naxx25 run the chance to trade loot came into play. This was our weekly Naxx25 with a majority of guildies and a few pugs thrown in to fill things out. Understand that, with only a couple of exceptions where I purchased gear on the AH, if it drops in there I need it. We had a trash ring drop which I rolled on and won. Mach also rolled. No one else did. So I gave it to him.

Why? I have 5 level 80’s. This is my 4th healer. I think it’s safe to say that I’ll live if I don’t get loot fast.

So I gave the ring to Mach. Big deal. No one else rolled so no skin off anyone’s nose, right? Right. But later at Kel’Thuzad I was lucky to win the helm token out of maybe 4 rolls. If I remember correctly, and maybe I don’t because Mikata says I’m old, then the second and third rolls were pugs and the fourth roll was a guildie. There might have been another roll in there, I can’t remember. So what did I do?

Well, the title wouldn’t make much sense if I hadn’t done something that might be considered controversial. After winning the roll, I whispered my guildmate and told her I was going to give her the token.

Question: Did I ninja loot?

Consider your answer right now, because I want to see if your answer changes when I present you with a couple of scenarios.

Scenario #1

I’m ubergeared. I’m completely decked out in Ulduar gear. It’s painfully obvious that I need no Naxx gear. I roll on an item that drops and win, but I decide to give it to a friend a little later even though that friend rolled and did not come in second. I didn’t want the item, but I didn’t want a random pug to get it either when the run is primarily a guild run with the intent to gear up some of our own undergeared members.

Scenario #2

I’m undergeared. Anything that drops in the raid will be an upgrade. I roll on an item and win, but I give it to a friend that rolled, but didn’t win. I want the item, but I know my friend does too and this just happens to be an alt that I’m not too worried about. However, the friend didn’t come in second on the roll and wouldn’t have won it if I hadn’t rolled. But I rationalize to myself that the pugs wouldn’t have gotten the item either way, because even if I hadn’t given it to my friend, I would have kept it myself.

My Answer

Obviously Scenario #1 is ninja looting. I don’t think anyone can argue otherwise. If it isn’t an upgrade, then don’t roll.

Scenario #2 is what I did. I rolled on the item. I won. I wanted the item. I still want it. It’s a huge upgrade considering I’m wearing an ilvl 159 blue quest reward. So I looked at the rolls, found the next highest guild roll and decided to give it to her. She, and apparently her husband, were very grateful.  Happy guildies = happy me. 🙂

I won the roll. Because it was an obvious upgrade for me there wasn’t any chance of me not rolling. And because I won the roll the pugs wouldn’t have gotten the item even if I hadn’t given it to a guild member.

So did I ninja loot? And if you don’t consider it ninja looting, what would you do if multiple guild members rolled and wanted it? Give it to the next highest roll? Are you doing it then because you think of it as ninja looting or because you want to avoid guild drama?

If you want to answer anonymously, I’ve posted a poll on the sidebar.