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What Next?

If you hadn’t noticed, since last month I’ve been in a rut. My posts haven’t been daily during the week and part of that is due to workload, but part of it has been due to another issue. As you know I hit 80 on my druid not too long ago and even ninja’d an item the other day. 🙂 So what now? For many people the answer is obvious. Gear up. The problem is, I’m bored.

Bored?! You just got another healer and you’ve always touted how much you love healing!

I’m not bored of healing. It’s just…I think I’m bored of the game…

I want to enjoy the game, and certain aspects I still do, but I’m reaching a point where it offers little challenge and therefore became boring. So I came up with a list of things I currently want to do in game to see if that could motivate me:

  • Gear up the druid – Heroics are boring. Naxx is boring.
  • Level another toon – Started to with mage, lock, and warrior, but if I never see Redridge again…
  • Learn to tank on paladin and death knight – Tanking makes me nervous. Absolutely will not pug tank. Need people I’m comfortable with to help me out, which means primarily officers and a few others. Getting all of us together at the same time? Please recite the square root of pi and when you’re done I will have my group ready.
  • Replace priest’s shadow gear – Have +140 or so hit still, but I heal just fine so not motivated. Also would like shadow gear as some of what I was using was re-gemmed and re-enchanted for Holy. I’m not a loot junkie, so once again not motivated.
  • Hit gold cap – Would be really cool, but the AH has gotten really boring. I made 3k on maintenance day without trying and this is with the guy that logs in 10 minutes after me, every single time!!! And I spend a lot of it gearing up toons anyway so it’ll take forever. And since I posted my guide competition on my server has increased quite a bit. This is either a coincidence or I have guildies with alts now. And with MMO Champion’s recent Inscription Guide, I expect we’ll see a few more players soon. Time to bomb the market! <grins evily>
  • Gear up pvp dps toon – Would be nice to have a pvp toon that could kill Hordies that think they’re badass, but I hate pvp. I’ll never understand the thrill of killing someone 60 levels under you. It’s like killing a rabbit…well not this rabbit.

However, the biggest contribution to the problems above is my acceptance of being content where I’m at and not being motivated towards minor improvements. But on the plus side there are other things to keep me going.

The other night was pure awesome! We had 25 guildies thrown together for an off-night Ony raid. And even though we didn’t kill her, it was still fun! Dammit for not screenshotting this.

After at least one wipe…

Mach explains what people are doing wrong in a general sense. I’ll be honest, I’m not sure I was paying that much attention to have seen this, but apparently Josh felt that Mach may have come off as a little agitated. (Yeah, I know. Amber’s cranky tank commenting on someone else’s crankiness? The irony isn’t lost on me either.)

Josh provides detailed instructions for Mach to remove the stick from his ass to which Mach responds with a ‘?’. Mach denies being upset and says he’s having fun.

After a few more wipes, losing a former guildie tank that we pulled in later on, and further frustrations…

Josh vocally complains about people not paying attention, getting hit by fire, etc.

[Officer][Kyrileanthos]: Mach you weren’t supposed to give Josh that stick

Mach laughs on vent which then forces me into fits of gigglarity* off vent to which my wife starts laughing because she doesn’t know what the hell is wrong with me which only spurs the fit of gigglarity further!

It’s nights like these that keep me playing. 😀

*Gigglarity: an hilarious event causing one to giggle uncontrollably. (Yeah, you’re just jealous because you haven’t invented a word.)


13 Responses

  1. I have to say that Onyxia is the must fun I have during raiding. Its not consider a progression boss so we take it lightly. What makes it fun is guildies quoting the Onyxia YouTube video ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HtvIYRrgZ04&feature=player_embedded ) before the fight. You better have very thick skin if you get thrown into the welps pit because you’ll be made fun off the rest of the week.

  2. Hey fail tank – Josh has a healer to gear and I have a DPS to nub it up with, WTF are you waiting for? I know damn well we are on at the same time some nights. 😛

    @raquoon – We posted the names of people who got thrown into whelps in the G MotD. 😀

  3. @Amber – I’m not def capped. That’s the biggest issue.

  4. I’m actually leveling a mage right now mostly through AV. I’m loving it so much that I’m going to for the first time, gear up a pvp toon! I highly recommend it!

    Get a good mage friend to recommend a spec and such, the right spec makes it wickedly fun!

  5. Did you say mage friend….

    Want some mage advice, roll a warlock. LOL!.

    Hey Kyr anytime you want to tank, i’ll roll with you. I like dyeing. Its gives me excuse to alt tab to porn. 🙂

  6. Ky have you tried using Elixir of Mighty Defense (Increase defense rating by 45 (19.02)).
    Also if you can leave your tanking gear on when you log so I can look at it. Remember you only need 535 defense for heroics, 540 for raids.

  7. @rivs – mage is 12, lock 24…i think.

    @raq – dammit. hadn’t thought about the elixir. that would get me def capped. and you should be able to see my gear on wowheroes, just click prot. don’t think anything’s changed.

  8. I’ll run with you too.

    I have a shammy to gear up…so lots of Naxx and reg ToC and Heroics in my future.

  9. My suggestion… take a break for a week or two and see if you miss the game. Odds are you’ll either pick up another enjoyable hobby that will fill your time, or you’ll be rejuvenated to gear up your baby 80s and can start that grind without it seeming like a chore

  10. Ky here are my suggestions for your tank gear:

    Shoulders – Get the Tempered Saronite Shoulders (Increases defense rating by 32 (8.72) crafted. That would put you over the soft cap of 535 for heroics. After you can try to get Regal Aurous Shoulderplates. They drop from the DK in ToC heroic.

    Trinkets – Black Heart – drops from the DK in ToC regular. One of the best tanking trinkets right now.
    Essence of the Gossamer from Azjol-Nerub heroic is real good. Drops from the second boss.

    If you got some Emblems to spare you can get:

    Ring – Signet of the Impregnable Fortress for 25 Emblem of Valor
    Neck – Shard of the Crystal Forest for 19 emblems of Conquest
    Bracers – Bracers of Dalaran’s Parapets for 60 emblem of Valor

    Don’t worry too much about tanking with a paladin, all you need is to hit three different keys. If you got dps that can count to 3 before opening up you’ll be ok.

  11. @raquoon – he doesn’t have DPS that can count to three, but that’s okay-he’ll learn to let the careless ones die soon enough. 😉

    I’m just not sure if I should take my hunter with, or my pally (pally needs ret gear, and badges…hunter needs gear, and badges…oh the agony)

  12. @Ambrosyne – lol. I always tell the group the only one I’ll be taunting off is the healer, the rest are on their own. If they die they can either run back or wait 10 minutes for the tank to kill the mobs.

  13. My suggestion, based on recent experience…

    Farm with your main for badges… but not for your main, for your alts.

    Get the heirloom gear and become OP.

    level where you want, when you want…

    Maybe you will drop in for a flight path…

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