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So last night I was screwing around on my warrior in…yup, you guessed it…Redridge Mountains! 😦 Mach logged into Vent and started asking me about my tanking gear, in part because of yesterday’s post and I believe in part because a healer turned tank helps resolve a problem for him in that he’s a tank turned healer. 😛

Anyway, I was still missing 4 points of defense for heroic defense cap so I bought some blue shoulders off the AH and had Mach craft some bracers to get me to 540. Then I was recruited to tank a heroic.

So what heroic popped my tanking cherry? ToC of course! LOL! Yeah, forget doing the easy ones, let’s do a somewhat difficult one. 🙂

Wiped on the champions because of my lag. I was around 1500ms for some stupid reason. It’s been happening for three days now! Calling the ISP today. After a major issue resetting my router and modem, I got it down to around 500ms which is horrible, but doable. We didn’t wipe after that. Afterwards I tanked Direbrew and then UK.

So how was tanking?



8 Responses

  1. Nice! Yep tanking is fun and now seems like everyone wants to tank, but everyone doesn’t necessarily want to stay a tank or make it their main. 🙂

    I just wish we needed more than 2-3 tanks per 25 man raids.

  2. I know you mentioned in your previous post about recently getting your druid to 80 – have you considered trying to druid tank? Just curious 🙂

  3. Congrats on popping your Cherry..lol. Now if you really want to tank roll a warrior and you’ll have tons of fun, or is it heart burns? Somewhere in between. Take it from someone that’s been tanking for over two years now.

  4. @Barbi – I have actually. Even though I have heard that druid tanking was broken in Wrath and I can’t remember the last time I saw one. Amber was hinting at it since the only other class I need now is a warrior, as I have a druid, paladin, and death knight.

  5. druid tanking is not broken! its slightly challenging especially since druids actually need LoS pulls and most dps don’t let them do it, but its not broken.

    I have to tanking characters – paladin and a druid and I tank on a druid just fine. its slightly more challenging, but its duable (and now that swipe is spamablae hits everything in 8 yard radius 360degrees around you? you can haz AoE tanking druid 🙂 ).

    plus our guildleader and more often then not, MT is a feral druid 😛

    seriously, give it a try, you ,might love it 🙂

  6. I love tanking. I only tank on my warrior and use my other plate classes for different roles. I know a guy in my guild who has three tanks.

  7. @leah lol @ dps… how frustrating does that get, right?
    @ Kyrilean I’ve been druid tanking since BC and other than having to alter a few rotations and my spec, it’s been great! I have to agree with leah that the swipe spamage = so much win! Give it a go =) you may just like it!

  8. I miss my warrior days sometimes.

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