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Raiding And Badges And Emblems, Oh My!

This just in.


I have 154 Badges of Justice on Kyrileanthos that will never be spent. It is what it is.

I have a random scattering of Emblems of Valor, Heroism, Conquest, and Triumph on five toons. Some of which gets spent, but with the exception of Kyrileanthos and Maedchen, very little has been or will ever be spent again. I’m sure as hell not working my ass off to get 154 Emblems of Conquest that will never be used.

Now you’re giving me Frost?!

Why, Oh Why?!

Don’t give me some cheesy little 10 minute instance I can farm all day and instantly have an Ulduar geared toon. Forget gear score! Even with lower ilvls some of that gear is better than Ulduar gear. Don’t give me emblems that can be more easily farmed for better gear than I can get in raids so I can skip directly to the end. Leave some sort of progression in the game.

Do what you did in BC! Give me progression! Give me heroics! Give me rep! Give me attunements! After introducing a few new raids, NERF IT TO HELL by taking away those attunements, lowering rep requirements, lowering boss’ health, etc. The player base then gets to see it and your design work wasn’t wasted.

Why the sudden push to make every single player geared enough to experience all the new content at the exact same time?!

I don’t want to experience ToC the same time as the hardcore fanatics! I want to struggle at least somewhat and whatever I can’t do I can wait until you nerf it for me because I’m a scrub! It’s OK! I don’t want you to make it more attractive for me to skip everything because the loot is better and more easily acquired elsewhere. I especially don’t want you to make it more attractive to others because I need them to help me experience the stuff I want!

Don’t these emblems and regular 5-mans like ToC just work against your goal of having everyone experience the content? What percentage of us have actually killed Yoggy? Maybe it’s more than I think, but I doubt it.

By making raiding more accessible you’ve actually gone too far by making it too easy. What’s the point of the game if there is no challenge? I for one am leveling other classes for the sheer hell of it because the end-game got too easy and too boring. What happens when I get those to max level? I suppose if it gets to that, it’s