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Raiding And Badges And Emblems, Oh My!

This just in.


I have 154 Badges of Justice on Kyrileanthos that will never be spent. It is what it is.

I have a random scattering of Emblems of Valor, Heroism, Conquest, and Triumph on five toons. Some of which gets spent, but with the exception of Kyrileanthos and Maedchen, very little has been or will ever be spent again. I’m sure as hell not working my ass off to get 154 Emblems of Conquest that will never be used.

Now you’re giving me Frost?!

Why, Oh Why?!

Don’t give me some cheesy little 10 minute instance I can farm all day and instantly have an Ulduar geared toon. Forget gear score! Even with lower ilvls some of that gear is better than Ulduar gear. Don’t give me emblems that can be more easily farmed for better gear than I can get in raids so I can skip directly to the end. Leave some sort of progression in the game.

Do what you did in BC! Give me progression! Give me heroics! Give me rep! Give me attunements! After introducing a few new raids, NERF IT TO HELL by taking away those attunements, lowering rep requirements, lowering boss’ health, etc. The player base then gets to see it and your design work wasn’t wasted.

Why the sudden push to make every single player geared enough to experience all the new content at the exact same time?!

I don’t want to experience ToC the same time as the hardcore fanatics! I want to struggle at least somewhat and whatever I can’t do I can wait until you nerf it for me because I’m a scrub! It’s OK! I don’t want you to make it more attractive for me to skip everything because the loot is better and more easily acquired elsewhere. I especially don’t want you to make it more attractive to others because I need them to help me experience the stuff I want!

Don’t these emblems and regular 5-mans like ToC just work against your goal of having everyone experience the content? What percentage of us have actually killed Yoggy? Maybe it’s more than I think, but I doubt it.

By making raiding more accessible you’ve actually gone too far by making it too easy. What’s the point of the game if there is no challenge? I for one am leveling other classes for the sheer hell of it because the end-game got too easy and too boring. What happens when I get those to max level? I suppose if it gets to that, it’s



14 Responses

  1. I’m in full agreement, now everyone hitting 80, or some ppl that just dont know how to play their class with get amazing gear without really working and whipping for it… Then, then they will be like ohhaimygearscoreisleet! and they will be the tards that die in a fire constantly… Blizz WHY?! Serious are you trying to scare ppl away by making things easy? And boring, H modes are great but I miss the days of BC where there was varity.

    Bring back the BC mentality, that was fun, we didnt get to far into BT on our own till they nerfered it but it was okay because we got to see it, but we worked our asses off before they nerfed it so that we could step one lowly foot over the threshold of the instance.

  2. Agreed. I’ve been playing long enough that I have most of the “old world” attunements. I worked my butt off for those, and by goodness when you got a group that was actually able to get into those places you knew they were serious about being there and knew how to play their toons. These days my 10 year old can have T8.5 gear without stepping into a raid. WTF?

    Trying to get a guild run going to get Yogg down can be like pulling teeth. But try to get a group for the daily heroic and you have people coming out of the woodwork for it. I really wish Blizz wouldn’t make it so you can skip content to get geared up, then those of us who want to experience that content are left in the dust.


  3. Is raiding really that easy? How many guilds in the world have downed 25 man Heroic Anub’urak? Sure, you can see all the bosses in some form without much trouble, but there is still plenty of challenge left in raiding for those who want it.

    You do have a good point that “badge inflation” is making older content obsolete. The original LK heroics, as well as Naxx, are pretty obsolete for gearing up your character now, and are mainly useful for getting badges.

  4. Spend those Badges of Justice on those games at the Isle, on our server they go for 15gold….not much I know but hey its something…. 🙂

    Seems that people are skipping Ulduar now altogether…sad and everything is coming too quickly now….

  5. Gems sorry… 😦

  6. @Argon
    Agree with you. I like what Blizz did with ToC creating four different versions of the instance. You cannot fight a boss the same way in ToC heroic as you do In ToC regulars. Unlike Naxx the bosses gain new abilities and there are different twits to the fights. Its not just about the bosses hitting harder and having more health. You can be in full t9.5 gear and still wipe in ToC 10 heroic because is not about the gear, its about coordination, strategy, and awareness. I have only tried ToC 25 heroic a few times without been able to even down Gormok, closes has been 30%, so I cannot say much about it.

    As per how easy it is to get gear now a day, who really cares. It just means that officers now have to look at the players achievement instead of the gear score to see what type of player he is. It also means you don’t have to expend countless hours running content you are sick and tire off in order to get guildies gear so they can leave the guild right after.

  7. […] Edited to add: What he said. […]

  8. I disagree with the OP. I’m what I’d like to consider a “Casual Hardcore” player (which is why I read this blog).

    Casual Hardcore, to me, means the following: my play time is casual (1-2hrs per session, 3 days a week), but my attitude towards playing is “hardcore”. I research my spec/class/rotation/gear/gems/enchants on elitist jerks, I read strategies for boss fights I don’t already know, I min/max my professions for my class/spec.

    That being said, I haven’t been in the raid versions of ToC, not in Ulduar yet at all, and I’ve only been in naxx 10/25 a handful of times. Why? Because I don’t have the time. I have the skill (or so I think) and I have the gear (from running heroics for badges), but I don’t have the time to run a 3-6hr raid. If it weren’t for the “ease” of obtaining badges, and thus “raid-worthy” gear, I wouldn’t be able to even PuG my way into Ulduar or ToC raids if I found the time.

    In my opinion, these badge changes are for the better. They let “casual” players gear up in their own way, at their own pace. I don’t feel that it “cheapens” the epics, since you can only get the best gear by running the actual top raids. The highest you can get with badges is one step down.

    To be honest, I wouldn’t mind an option to start a new toon at lvl80, with maxed professions of your choice and the gear of your choice. Don’t get me wrong – I enjoy questing/levelling, but if you want to get into the competitive aspect of this game, whether PVE or PVP, let’s even the playing field from the start. Then the game would truly be about player skill, not how much time you have to invest…

  9. @Argon – the issue isn’t that there isn’t challenging raiding, the issue is that there are easier rewards out there so existing challenging raiding like Yogg and Algalon are completely ignored.

    @me – but are you a player that would like to experience Ulduar before ToC before Icecrown? As a casual player, you will be extremely lucky to experience it in that order with the appropriate gear levels because by the time you can everyone will be in Icecrown.

    I’m not against badges. I’m against the way it’s being implemented by enticing people to run heroics and avoiding earlier raids to gear for the current one. Why raid Ulduar, when you can get badge gear faster running 5-man heroics that everyone is overgeared for?

  10. Its the same heroics over and over and over again, I would rather do the raid over and over instead, at least there is some challenge to it. I cant stand heriocs anymore I run the daily and help guildies as required but they are boring and easy I try to pull as much as we can handle and speed through it to make it slightly interesting. Once 3.3 is out it will be a mad rush to do it all again… oh yay.

    And yes it is like pulling teeth to get ppl to go to uld, we have been on yogg for ages and its hard to get the ppl that actually want to work at it, or if we have the ppl we dont have the make up we need, its dang frustrating, ya whipping sucks but progression is key and that’s part of what I like about raiding, working for it.

    The thing is though yes hard modes are great but it’s the same instance that you can now do up to 4 times a week, variety is the spice of life.

  11. it is annoying I’ll admit, I have some 400 EoCs and 250 EoVs. My guild isn’t as hard core as cutting edge raid guilds but we do “ok”. I’ve been in the trenches, I’ve done Naxx 30 times, I’ve done Ulduar 35 times and already doing ToC and ToGC too often (3 x a week). I’ve done my dues.

    Now if you could give your shiny emblems to alts I’d be happier than all hell. Why you ask? If I want to gear up an alt so I can help out with a different type of character (tank/dps vs. healer/dps) why not?

    I got a 70 12 months after the release of TBC, I had to work my ass off to catch up to my guild who was in T5/T6 at the time. I always felt like a liability then rather than an asset, but being one of the few dps shamans had it’s advantage. I had the buffs people craved so they could “shine”, you could say I was lucky.

    Getting people into good gear won’t magically make them superstars, but it will make everybody’s life who has to deal with them that much easier. Sure they won’t get out of the fire, but in most 5 mans they’ll be good enough to keep.

    I do expect when 3.3 comes out and almost everybody who does end game content will be in 4 piece T9 (granted lower 232) and just as ugly as those of us who will be working on our T10. Almost everybody will be able to fight Arthas by the end of this expansion. I have no problem with that, it just means there won’t be the huge disparity in gear come Cataclysm. I don’t need to feel like an elitist jerk and have my shiny that nobody else will have.

  12. @Ooke – that brings up a good point. What about the alts? I have my 4th healer I’m trying to gear up and god forbid struggling through gearing up in Naxx again, but I think the difference with an alt is you’ve got people to help out.

    What I mean is, Naxx is pretty damn easy. Geared people farming for badges or looking for those last few items can net you some pretty good gear pretty quick. You don’t struggle like you did the first time. Therein lies the difference, I think. But I would like to take my toon to Naxx, then Ulduar, then ToC at least a couple of times on my way to gear up. Not 30 like you said, but at least a couple in order to progress in a logical fashion.

    Ah well. Either way it’s just my opinion and I’m smaller than the smallest Who in Whoville.

  13. “[T]he difference with an alt is you’ve got people to help out”

    This isn’t always true, your guild may not be interested in running your alts through multiple heroics, and the PuGs demanding epic gear for runs to get epic gear effectively preclude your undergeared alt from running them.

    The time commitment required to gear up to run raids in proper sequence, without the badge changes, is one that makes it difficult for those without much time to play to ever see these raids. The effect is that, Icecrown, for instance, would only be seen by those who have been raiding ever since the start of WotLK. In contrast, now, you are free to raid Ulduar if you wish, rather than being unable to do so because you’re undergeared and unable to gear yourself further.

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