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One Reason Why DK’s Get A Bad Rap

We’ve all known bad DKs. They got a bad rap early on because every idiot out there wanted to play one. It’s been theorized that the reason you don’t see Huntards anymore is because they all became DKs.

Well, here’s a really good reason why DKs get a bad rap…


#24 on damage done after clearing the first four bosses in Ulduar 25. On our way to Kologarn we wiped and he left the raid.

And is that 37.7% Melee of your total damage done?!!!



11 Responses

  1. White damage is always going to be one of your largest contributor of damage as a melee class. While 37% may be a little high, its not extremely terrible.

    Basically, if that’s your best example of bad dk, consider yourself lucky.

  2. let’s try some simple maths..

    575 melee swing, assuming 3.5sec swing = ~2000sec

    290 HS + 47 DS = 337 main strikes

    blood dk rotation consist of 6 HeartStrike and 2 DeathStrike = 8 strikes in 20sec
    so, in a perfect environment of 2000sec, he should have around 800 strikes.. even with a lot of moving around, 337 still fall way short of the mark..

    also considering, DnD wasn’t even displayed, so, we can safely assume, he didn’t even aoe the adds..

    n the worst part.. 89 DeathCoil.. DC is blood dk main runic dump, he was sitting with full runic power most of the time..

    oh yeah.. check out the miss.. not even hit cap..

    of coz, all those assumption will fail, if he was using a fast 2hander.. like 1.5s speed.. then it all make sense.. wait, that make even less sense.. fast 2hander?

    so, yeah.. totally agree.. deathard..

  3. Don’t forget Kyr, he left after winning 2 items. And yes it was two I didn’t catch it right away but that second item should have gone to DJ. Lots of DK’s may be bad…this isn’t a bad DK..this is a freeloader.

  4. OK, I’m the poster boy of DKtards. Let’s face it, I leveled one for fun and for the professions, but I at least looked up a rotation and my melee was never that high! But maybe I’m doing something wrong. 😛

    Oh and if anyone was thinking maybe he died a lot, well he didn’t.

  5. I believe Blizz OP DK’s at the beginning so everyone would roll one and get their population up. You right, any idiot could play a DK before while studying for Calculus and watching TV at the same time and still be on top of the dps/tanking meeter. Only those that actually bother to learn how to play the class are doing good now that Blizz has nerf them and brought them down to the same level as the rest of the classes .

  6. Don’t forget the 71 points in Unholy DK Pug I found.

    He was special!

  7. I was upset at my performance, I died too many times. As a whole though I think the guild did fabulous. I wish we could go back in there. I’m really looking forward to more 25’ers

  8. […] even though I wasn’t the worst on the damage meters.  I think I should of performed a little better, I should of checked the numbers on recount after […]

  9. I’m attributing the Deathtard Syndrome to the fact that they don’t have the first 55 levels to get familiar with their class, they’re OP in their starting area, so they get right into Outland without ever dying…

    So they think they can tank. Automatically. I had a Deathtard tell me recently that he could pull while I was drinking if he wanted to, he didn’t need a healer, he was blood. That guy found himself face down very *very* shortly.

  10. While everyone noticed the number of melee swings, what stood out to me is the number of glancing blows. He must have been really low in expertise or spent the whole night standing in front of the boss.

  11. The best term ive found for them (I find it a little better than deathtards…) is Death Knob. Plays of their real class name just a little better try it for a while.
    Heh I have to actively think in order to not call one DK a Death Knob now.

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