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Healing On 4 Classes

Last weekend I spent time leveling my level 17 Hunter, 16 Rogue, and 14 Mage to level 20. Last night I got the level 20 Warrior to level 21, but I got bored…again.

So out comes the DK. I spent some time trying to get into a regular ToC group which finally happened and I got a couple of tank items, including the trinket, and a dps item. No I have no idea what anymore. I forgot to turn Recount back on and asked to see a meter. Given my gear, I think I was at a respectable 2100 dps, even with dc’ing TWICE!!! WTF?! No lag, in fact better than average latency, and two random disconnects! Not even while zoning in or with multiple adds, etc.

It’s not the ISP. My wife has no issues with anything she does and I have no issues with anything other than Warcraft. Even ran a trace again and I got less hops than before with no lag between any of them.


Anyway, after that group disbanded there was a group that had been looking for a healer for some time so I switched over to my druid. As that run started, Amber logs on and requests (or maybe that was demanded :)) my assistance in running regular ToC when I’m done. Let me tell you. Healing on my druid is a lazy ass way to heal when the tank is geared like Amber. Not to say that the other tank wasn’t good, but admitting that he wasn’t defense capped and then pulling two groups of adds on the 2nd boss instead of one group made for some exciting times! I’m still not that comfortable healing as a druid.

So what’s healing like with all 4 classes? In a nutshell, weird. Well, it’s weird on the druid anyway.

Paladins are primarily reactive healers. Green bar goes down, cast heal. If it goes down a lot, cast Holy Shock to buy time, then cast Holy Light. Otherwise, you cast Flash of Light…a lot!

Priests, at least for Holy, seems to be a combination of reactive and proactive healing. Health bars go down, cast heals. The advantage of Priesting over Paladining (isn’t it nice to invent words by throwing an ‘-ing’ at the end of them?) is in the range of heals you have. If you want a good versatile healer, I think Holy Priests are awesome!

Shaman. I don’t even know what to say here. I’ve read a lot about how Paladins are considered the spammers of the healing community, but the other night we were in Uld25 and 70% of my heals were Chain Heal. Why? Because the mana cost difference between that and Lesser Healing Wave are relatively the same, or at least close enough. My mana regen with Replenishment is evidently ungodly because I can spam Chain Heal and not worry about mana. I popped my Mana Tide Totem once…because I died and self rezzed. The advantage of Chain Heal obviously being that more people are healed and with the “intelligence” of Chain Heal, it helps in minimizing overheals.

Druids. OK, to be fair I have yet to actually heal a raid yet. But based on my experiences in 5 mans, druids are just odd. If I’m doing it right, then druids are proactive healers throwing their HoTs out before damage is actually done in many cases. No wonder why druids have such massive overheals. After having played the other three classes and being a reactive healer, druid healing is taking a little getting used to. I also haven’t quite figured out whether keeping certain HoTs active are worth it.

Overall my favorite is the Shaman. No, it isn’t because given the right conditions a Shaman can outheal everyone and keep the overheals to a minimum. All classes can do that given the right conditions, except maybe Disc, and heal meters don’t read like damage meters anyway. (Hear that?! Yeah you know who I’m talking to!) And it isn’t because I can be a lazy healer and spam Chain Heal all night long, which some would find really boring, but I really do like seeing the chain jump in all directions across my screen! It’s fun! 🙂 Besides, I like Riptide. Not sure why. I just do. I know I like massive Chain Heal crits! And even though I hated totems once. Managing them is actually kind of cool.


14 Responses

  1. I am with you on the shaman chain heals. I like seeing them fly across the screen. I also like the challenge of having to be aware of where people are standing in order to cast it so it chains efficiently.

    But the amount of spells a holy priest has at its disposal beats healing on the shaman any day. I need the variety and I love the instant casts!

  2. You can go ahead and keep liking your shaman becuase we don’t have any. XD

    Also, I heal with my pally proactively, rather than reactively. Spam spam spam spam spam spam spam spam spam spam. That’s why I FoL more than HL. Spam spam spam spam. Maybe that’s why I don’t play it anymore. Spam spam spam spam spam.



    Disc priest is also pretty “spammy” but I’m waiting to toss out that penance! And I send PoM bouncing! Ping ping ping ping! And bubbles! And I can hand out shinys (PS and PI)! And it’s so much more visually exciting than holy paladining.

    I’d probably get a kick out of a shaman if I could stand to level one. XD But I think I’d also love a tree. Move and heal, move and heal, yay!

  3. I love healing on my Druid. Throw a rejuv on then before they run in and hit them with a regrowth after the first damage spurt. Then Nourish until you need to re-apply the doys. I actually am usually top HPS and least overhealing on my Druid.

  4. @Darraxus – Least overhealing on a druid?!? WHat are the other healer on your raid doing…sleeping?
    Or maybe you’re the tank healer, in which case i agree with you.

    But a druid raid healing gets a lot of overheal simply because you’re HoTing a lot of people and if you have a Shammy or a Holy priest in the raid with you, chances are they will top many player with your HoTs on which will make a lot of overheal.

    @Kyr – I healed with a Druid, a Shammy and a Pally (tho not at level 80) and i have to say i like the Druid the most. Imo, Druid healing is a perfect balance of proactive and reactive healing. Plus, i just love to be able to cast my heals on the move.

    Of course, Blizz has decided to nerf druid healing AGAIN in the next patch (4th patch in a row with resto druid nerf!!). Plus the 4T10 bonus is total crap, ah well…

  5. I’ve raid healed with a Shammy and Paladin and pretty much agree what you’ve said.

    Btw, just throwing it out there, but do you have an authenticator? I know someone who kept having random disconnects and found out a week or two later people were logging onto his account (on a server he no longer played on) and selling his stuff/farming for mats/spamming, etc.

  6. Unless they’ve changed something since I stopped playing, hot ticks that ‘overheal’ do not actually heal which is why druids should typically be the lowest om overhealing. Again, if something has changed regarding hots and the combat log post 3.2 then my statement may be outdated.

  7. @Ron – I might be wrong, but i’m pretty sure i saw somewhere that recount now count HoTs as overheal.

    What i mean is that the number showed on the healing column is the number that actually healed and the number shown on the overheal column includes HoTs and everything that really overhealed.

  8. @Kotakh – I was bored at work and verified what you mentioned here: http://www.restokin.com/2009/08/unexpected-3-2-change-hot-overheal/

    Looks like they put HoT overhealing in to the combat log in 3.2. Oh well, add another reason why meters for healing are completely irrelevant. I hope they soon find a way to add actual absorbs to the combat log so mitigation based healing classes can get the credit they deserve. Guessed absorbs and other such addons/sites are still completely inaccurate.

  9. Kyr I like your choice 
    Fun thing to do in Naxx is on loatheb.

    Riptide one in melee and another in range, just as the windows open land the chain in the ranged target and then cast your melee target. That trick basically covers you for at least 12-15 dooms on ten man (yes ive had them last that long PuGs are the root of all evil.)
    @Oasic Chain heal also serves as a good spread test, a lot of the time during 3.1 if I saw a chain jump it would immediately be followed by “Ok Player X and Y Spread out or youll die horribly” on vent. Little less so now but still applies with Grav bombs on XT (only thing I can think of actually)

  10. @UFTimmy – I do have an authenticator. Although I suppose someone could have been attempting to hack my account. Who knows?

  11. Pfft Don’t need Healing, just kill faster.

  12. Kyrilean another thing is its not so much the regen from replenishment as a shaman that’s ungodly, it’s the fact Chain Heal procs Improved Water Shield these days. With a 30% crit rate (which is actually 35% for healing by the way) you have ball park figure of about 70-80% chance of getting mana back anytime chain heal jumps 3-4 times.
    Now heres the OP part!
    It can multi-proc from a single chain heal if multiple jumps crit. You can if lucky enough GAIN mana from a chain heal cast, also I think they are just making up for the fact until 3.2 we had the worst regen of all the healers. Now we may as well turn the mana bar off on out unit frames haha.

  13. I’m enjoying doing tank heals on my disc priest. Granted I’m focused on the one guy, but still good times. I was blown away by what the resto shammies were pumping out for heals on the group when someone slapped up the numbers on the other day. Crazy stuff!

  14. druids overheal more then pallies now, mostly beasue recount now record overheals from hots (it didn’t used to) discipline priest healing is extremely proactive healing though unlike a druid, you don’t have all that much overhealing becasue instead of hotting – you’re shielding 😛 I love it!.

    a friend of mine calls chainheals jesus beams 😛 he’s a career resto shaman, doesn’t play anything else, doesn’t even like going dps on his shammy. He loves healing with his jesus beams THAT much 😛

    and how can you possibly not love a spell that looks like bubblebath and flashdance all at once 😛

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