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Dealing With The ‘Emo’ Player; But What If It’s You?

‘Emo’ players. We know them. We see them. We wish we didn’t.

I see 'emo' people.

I see 'emo' people.

We all have our coping mechanisms when we see someone start to explode. A lot of us try to ignore it and hope it’ll go away. But what do you do when the ’emo’ player is you?

It’s bound to happen. Unless you’re a really mellow person who is 100% comfortable with who you are, the way the world is, and with other people being who they are, then you are bound to have an ’emo’ moment sometime. And ultimately that’s OK.

The trick is to identify the moment, deal with it appropriately and with little drama, and address the issue so it doesn’t happen again.

Dealing with the moment may mean something as simple as shutting your trap so you don’t say something stupid. It may mean taking a moment to log off and do something else until you cool down. I doubt it means getting all pissed off, yelling on vent, going off in guild chat, and then /gquitting.

Addressing the issue means figuring out what set you off and finding a solution to keep it setting you off again. This may be as simple as talking to someone or learning to accept the fact that it will always be that way and you aren’t going to let it get to you because ultimately THIS IS A GAME!!!

($@!^ @#$# !^!$@# progression @!#%@^ gear #@!$!@^ Blizzard !@#$!^^!!) 🙂

All kidding aside, obviously I had one of these moments.

Yesterday was an interesting day for me. It started out OK. I had finished up a bid last week and unfortunately I have not yet been assigned another one. This means that until I do get an assignment, I’m going to be bored out of my fracking mind! Knowing this in advance led me to bring Arthas to work to read during lunch. This in turn led me to wonder how much the book was like Warcraft 3. Which in turn led me to YouTube and this guy’s playlist. Which in turn led me to actually go purchase the game on my way home from work. 😛

I got home, started logging into toons to do trick or treating and kill the Headless Horseman. Everything’s fine and dandy. In fact, I got the helm on my paladin and only need the stupid pet and I’m done. Done, I tell you! Now just to do them on my other toons and wait another year.

Anyway, while logging onto one of my toons something happened. Out of nowhere I was attacked. Obviously he was trying to be funny and believe me when I say he was far from it. But unlike when Amber, Mikata, or others might make fun of me, this was actually pretty inappropriate mainly because I don’t know the guy from Adam. Not once has he ever talked to me in Vent or in-game. And call me old fashioned, but a certain amount of tact is called for until you get to know someone.

Anyway, the night only got worse after that. So much so that even ramblings in our heal channel were starting to irritate me and these are people like Amber and Mikata!!! I love Amber and Mikata!!! WTF?!

Something’s seriously wrong with me right now and I have no fracking clue as to what it is. This causes a serious dilemma for me. I recognized the situation. I dealt with it in a manner I felt was appropriate and caused no or at least little drama, because I think only a handful of people were even aware that something was bothering me. And bless her heart, Mikata jumped on that right away which actually did make me feel a little better and only confirmed to me that I was being ’emo’. The problem that remains is I don’t know how to address the issue because I don’t know what’s bothering me. And it’s gotten to a point where I’m struggling to find topics to blog about to the point of considering doing a final post, quitting the game, and moving on. But I still love this damn game!

What the hell is bothering me?!


4 Responses

  1. You know Ky, could it be boredom? You reached a point in the game where you seen alot of it, and done alot of it. That boredom could be leading you to get frustrated. Sometimes even out of boredom I self implode, destroy relationships, and walk away from things.

    Boredom is just like a raid boss. I was really bored with this game until I made a list of things I wanted to acheive with in this game. Like get a Barons Mount. Having these types of goals, keeps me going.

  2. May be its the work stress. Then you log on, and have the same stress in the healer channel, not the wanted harmony between the people ?

  3. Could be boredom. Could be stress. I doubt it’s the healer channel being stressful. 🙂 The healer channel ends up being two things.

    1) Trying to figure out what happened when things go wrong.

    2) Making fun of each other which happens about 20x more often than the first one.

    There should be a third reason, that of actually giving out assignments, but we all know what we’re supposed to do anyway.

    Regardless, just writing it down I think released a lot of the stress of dealing with the issue. Still don’t know what it is though…

  4. It could be a conglomeration of a lot of things. I’ve dealt with it recently myself. For me it was the cumulation of multiple issues I thought were minimal finally stacking up enough to bother me. I then had to admit to myself that some of them had become important to me again and I then had to ask myself if I was willing to make the changes required to release the stress I was piling upon myself. I’ve since written an article or two on the topic.

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