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“WoW Is Too Easy”

Double post today. It can’t wait.

Larissa ranted about “WoW is too easy” statements. And unfortunately because work blocked her site and I don’t read blogs at home because I’m too busy playing, I’ll totally forget to comment later. So instead I’ll just do a response post here.

I agree with Larissa in principle. I would argue however that certain aspects of WoW have become too easy. Either that or the gear progression has become such a problem that it’s impossible to find out if it’s too easy.

What I mean is just as Larissa pointed out, I am one of the many that cannot say I have defeated Yogg. And as we all know I’ve got my panties in a twist about it. I’ve tried it twice. It’s difficult. There’s a lot going on. I loved it! But now we struggle to even get enough interest to go back. And Ulduar25?! Pffft!!! I think I have to resign myself to the fact that the only way I’ll ever complete that is by pugging it. Crazy Cat Lady in 25?! That was nuts and I loved it! She kicked our asses, but I loved it!

The problem with Yogg is it takes a while to get to him. It takes a little skill. It isn’t exactly easy. At least for me and a few of my fellow raiders. Apparently, as has been pointed out by Warla (a guild officer) on countless occasions, he doesn’t even drop anything really worthwhile…not anymore anyway.

We had a discussion about this last night. Ulduar is still difficult and challenging; the main reason I want to go back. ToC in my opinion has really simplistic boss mechanics, is quick, and offers better loot than Ulduar. And this is where I disagree with Larissa a little.

I think ToC and Ony are easier than Ulduar or at least the latter half of Ulduar. Last night was my first ToC25 on regular mode and was a total snoozefest! There was no challenge for me with the exception of Twins and Anub’Arak. And I’m in Ulduar10 gear! Not Ulduar25. Ulduar10!!! I experienced more problems in Ulduar10 than I did in ToC25!!! And to top it all off, we had several people who obviously hadn’t even experienced ToC10. Believe me, it was obvious. 🙂 And yet we didn’t wipe all that often.

Anyway at least Anub appears to just be difficult without gear period, or maybe that was because the adds kept getting out of control. Twins is actually a little challenging because oh no I have to pay attention to my debuff, deal with floating balls of light and darkness, and heal all at the same time! Thank God they don’t ask me to chew gum too!

Point is that even though I think ToC may be a little too easy when compared to Ulduar, I would have to agree with Larissa that in general the game isn’t too easy. In fact, I’m willing to believe that ToC probably isn’t as easy as I perceive it right now,but that my judgement is clouded by gear progression being screwed up.

And remember, I haven’t even seen Heroic ToC and I hear that’s a bitch! 🙂


16 Responses

  1. Regular ToC is in fact just that easy.

    Heroic is another story.

  2. “The problem with Yogg is it takes a while to get to him”

    I believe this is the biggest problem. I’m pretty sure more gulds would still be making attempts if it didn’t take a full raid night just to clear to him.

    With both 10/25 versions (and heroic version), VOA, ONY, trying to do the daily heroic… Who the hell has time for it. It’s frustrating, but, there’s just so much to do in 4 raid slots a week.

    Raid lockout really isn’t an option for us considering our GM still needs frags more his mace.

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  4. Icecrown will reverse this trend of ‘too easy’ I predict.
    Or not. I don’t think it’s too easy as is. Heroic toc is tuned well in my opinion. I think IC will have some really nice challenges. I hope they have some HM versions of fights as well as heroic difficulty tuning.

    I don’t have the time right now either for a long comment or even a post of my own, but I think the problems are more a matter of raider’s expectations – and entitlement, than difficulty.

  5. @Hinenuitepo – Hadn’t thought of entitlement. After thinking about it, I know I feel entitled to being able to finish Ulduar. Feels unfair that Blizzard has enticed the average player away from Ulduar such that I don’t know that I’ll ever be able to get a group to finish Uld25 and that’s what upsets me.

  6. Yep, I don’t think it’s right to say that wow is too easy across the board, but Blizzard has definitely created a very uneven progression route. I personally think Yogg is infinitely harder than any other boss in Ulduar, and not just because it takes time to get to him. The keepers are fairly challenging fights too, but did not give me the problems Yogg did. And now I’ve cleared ToC (admittedly only on normal) but still haven’t downed Yogg.

    The problem is compounded by parallel progression on 10 and 25 mode, the availability of all levels of gear with the same badges, BoE raid drops, hard modes, and now the introduction of heroic raids. How are you supposed to balance a boss when a player can outgear it with a few heroics and a bit of gold? What we have is probably the end result – a tier 8 boss that’s harder than anything at tier 9 and a lot of raiders who are overgeared for content before they begin.

  7. Ky, Merlot and the guy over on Frostbolt inspired me to post on my blog again for the first time in a while due to some of these issues you are are touching on.

    It’s really a sad state of affairs for the game. I hope Icecrown returns to the level of quality we saw in Ulduar and away from the ToC-style of crap raids.

    Also, Blizzard needs to stop reversing their position on everything these days. I’m starting to not be able to trust what they tell us anymore. I would just wish they’d mostly ignore players as they did a couple years ago. Blue-baiting, tunnel-vision, and a reinforced sense of player entitlement on the forums is partially responsible for the kind of raid we see in ToC.

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  9. It appears that both this and Larisa’s blog are addressing the issue of whether or not *raiding* has become to easy in wow. The comments of “wow is too easy” I hear from people is not only referring to raiding, but also to the process of leveling.

    Frankly in my opinion there is a variety of raiding options available for people. You want easy? Great! Go knock out a TOC 10 and get some easy loot. You want hard? Great! Go try ToGr 10 or Uld hard modes. Bored? Great! Stop playing WoW and go get some sunlight. What I find so funny about people whining about stuff is that they don’t do anything to change their situation. You don’t want to keep doing the same grind? Go do something else!

    As for the comments I hear about leveling being to easy? Hell yes it is! And speaking as someone that *didn’t* get their first mount at level 20, or their epic at level 40, or flying at level 60, yes I grumble a bit at all the time and gold I spent “back in the old days” compared to the young whippersnappers these days. And yet, as I’m leveling my alts I’m very thankful that Blizzard has increased XP, given me BoA stuff, mounts earlier, and basically made it FUN to level yet another toon. Streamlining it just made it so I can “grow up” faster so I can be back playing with the big kids.

    What will Ice Crown hold in store for us? I’m sure people will be complaining about it as well…


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  11. i think WoTLK raids are generally easier than TBC raids. maybe that’s why some people make generalized comments like WoW is too easy now. i partially agree that raids are much easier now but it’s all because of the emblem system in place. more than the actual boss fights though, i think it’s the “path” getting there that poses the real challenge. where end-game raiding has meant months of farming the same content to jump to the next harder raid instance before, now it’s just a matter of farming emblems from heroics. “WoW is easy” if we speak of end-game raids becoming more accessible now. but to counter that, we still have hard modes for the tough at heart. besides, what’s challenging or not boils down to what you’re looking at and how you perceive it to be. i’d like to think that there are lots of things in WoW that i haven’t seen yet and it’s the thought of having more to discover that challenges me, rather than the thought of how easy it is to discover one. hope i made sense 😀

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  13. Think TOC is easy

    Separate the casual from the hard core and go play in heroic TOC

    Gear Check, and most importantly Skill Check cause no amount of gear will save you in heroic if your reaction time is on the slow side. Heck even a second or 2 lag time with one member in the raid will wipe your raid.

    Now that you have gotten through heroic 10 TOC go play in 25 heroic and see how you fair. Better pray you have 17 dps that can consistently do 4500+ dps and 5 healers that are miracle workers and 3 tanks that can stop a mac truck out of control.. 🙂

    Blizzard did do a great job with how they step up the skill and gear level requirements in TOC and ULD. There is challenge left in this game yet 🙂

    Yogg along with the keeper hard modes do still require some skill as apposed to just blowing through easy mode bosses. Heck even freya 3 elders is hard still even being over geared for it.

    Problem I see on our realm is everyone wants the easy loot and only a select few want to do what it takes to get the hard modes.

    IMHO blizz made it easy to see who your real raiders are and who is just tagging along for the loot.

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