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FYI, my traffic has increased quite a bit over the year and comments have increased by quite a bit as well. Unfortunately, this means that spammers are also getting smarter at getting around the built-in Akismet spam filter.

For those of you with blogs, you’re probably seeing smarter comments being left with the actual links in their names instead of in the comments. Although I still laugh at all the ones that say “this is a great forum. hope to really contribute and get to know you all.”

I’m not one for deleting comments. If you troll me, disagree with me, etc. I will not delete your comment given that it pertains to whatever the post is about. I do reserve the right to delete or edit comments that attack other commentors. Blast me all you want, all I ask is you treat others in a respectful manner.

Now with all that said let me point out this hasn’t been an issue on this blog thankfully. However, because the spammers are getting better and starting to sound more like legitimate commentors, I apologize to you in advance if I accidentally delete a legitimate comment.

I just deleted one that looked legit, but the name was linked to something I wasn’t sure was. So I Google’d it and the short description was definitely odd. Not scary odd, but odd enough that I deleted it.

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