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Weekend Update

Well by now you all know that Amber’s our new GM. Mach did a wonderful job in my opinion, but I for one can more than sympathize with stepping down. Hell it had gotten so bad for me that I not only stepped down, but made the tough decision to leave friends behind and go to another server. But damn it! She’s already got me helping her clean out the bank…Mach never made me do crap!

So what did I do this weekend? Well, I leveled alts mostly. I was supposed to raid on Saturday, but personal things got in the way. My wife and I made the conscious decision to get rid of one of our cars a few months back. I only live 3 miles from work so it works out pretty well and saves some money. But at times it gets a little annoying.

On Saturday I had to take my oldest son to get his H1N1 vaccination. We waited outside in the cold for 1.5 hours. It wasn’t exactly fun, but I have to thank my kids for being so good about it.  To do that, I had to drop my wife off at work and pick her back up which conflicted with raid start. I thought I’d just be a little late, but it turned into more than that. We started Christmas shopping a little early this year.

My wife works at a department store, if they even use that term anymore. And we decided this year to buy a Wii. The store was having a buy 2 get 1 free on Wii games. So she got the Wii, games, and a couple of accessories for the family with her 10% discount. 🙂 My son has been begging for a DS, but he’s 6 and still hasn’t done a great job of taking care of his toys and mine for that matter. At the end of the week there’s always a stack of games and DVDs in the living room and it often takes 30 minutes to find the cases and put them all away. Yeah, I’m not buying a $200 handheld toy for him to destroy…

Anyway that made for a late evening and we picked up G.I. Joe to boot and watched that when we got home. So Saturday became family night and I have to admit it was a lot of fun.

So mostly that left time for leveling alts which was a lot of fun. I know I’ve been rather negative about the end-game lately. We had an Ulduar10 hardmode run this week which was the most fun I’ve had in raiding for a long time. We didn’t complete any hardmodes, but we sure had a hell of a time trying! I think we would have had XT with a slightly different makeup and a couple of slightly more geared dps alts.

But in the meantime, leveling has been a huge blessing! I’m having a ton of fun with the rogue, hunter, and warrior. The warlock is a little boring still, but I seriously dislike dotting and wanding. If I do much more, I aggro and in the few cases where I don’t I end up running seriously low on mana and have to sit and eat/drink afterwards. Trying to keep the downtime to a minimum, so wanding it is. There has definitely got to be a better way, but I’m a noob and haven’t found it or found the motivation to really go and find it.

I will admit that the mage has gotten a little better since I’ve learned pyroblast! 🙂 I can almost kill mobs my level before they reach me and anything 2 levels below is dead. I need to figure out a better cast sequence though. I’m basing it solely on cast times which has got to be the dumbest way of doing it.

Unfortunately I was ganked several times yesterday and I finally raged enough to park my DK in the zone. In fact, I ran around the zone for 15 minutes trying to find the four or five guys that had ganked me. I had even attempted to move into Stranglethorn Vale, but there were a couple of guys literally parked at Nesingwary’s camp waiting for Alliance lowbies. They stared at me for two minutes across the river before I finally gave up on them leaving.

Is it wrong that I want to level my rogue to 80 just so I can camp lowbies like Scrappie does in Redridge Mountains? You got a kid that apparently has been doing this since BC every weekend and most weekdays according to several people in the zone and through my own personal experiences. It’s a nice dream I suppose, but one I’m likely to never do. Man sometimes I wish I was more of an ass*! 🙂

*In all honesty, it’s probably less of being an actual ass than just a different method of playing. But it’s less fun to bitch about! 😛


3 Responses

  1. Have you tried drain tanking on your Warlock? Once you get to about 20, you can get talents that eliminate pushback while casting, and that make some of your dots heal you. These together mean you can just run around dotting up stuff and the mobs beat on you, but you outheal their damage. Your pet just becomes another source of damage, not a tank for you. It is a fun little game to try to see how many mobs you can deal with at once without dying.

    The WoW Wiki page on leveling a warlock has a good description of how to do it: http://www.wowwiki.com/Leveling_a_warlock

  2. Also, be sure that you power level First Aid on your warlock. Thanks to lifetap, health = mana. Take advantage of the fact that you can often use better bandages than you can actually make, and make some on your other characters, or buy them off the AH (usually cheaper than buying the cloth and making them yourself).

    When you are low on mana, life tap until you are almost dead, then use a bandage on yourself, and in a few seconds you will be at full health again. Much faster than drinking.

  3. I’ll definitely be checking that out. Thx! 🙂

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