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Huh, Now Why Didn’t I Think Of That?

Google Reader is a godsend at times. I get to read all the posts out there without having to actually click to every site, which with the 100+ blogs out there that I’m currently following can get rather cumbersome. The disadvantage is that I do most of my reading during my breaks at work. I think a lot of us do. When we’re at home, we play! 🙂

The problem with reading a lot of blogs at work is a lot of the sites are blocked and I can’t comment. For example, even though I’m not really much of a mage, I love reading Gnomer’s blog, but it’s always blocked. So let me just say his post today had me laughing quite a bit! 🙂

Anyway, back to the real meat of this post. Spinks has an excellent post. And it instantly made me wonder why I hadn’t thought of that?

Here’s what grabbed me:

…WoW at the moment is only as good as its last patch.

We as a society are pretty in the moment as it is. WoW’s no different. Remember how Obama was going to change the world? Seems to me like he’s hiding in the background now and all I hear is how disappointing he is as a President as he hasn’t lived up to his promises. How fickle we can be.

But how true is this? We were all excited when Wrath hit! The quests are awesome! Everything was so new! Now everything seems dull and boring.

This current patch is simply not compelling and I’ve run out of goals.

Huh. Not compelling. An even better way to put it. I’ve rather had the impression that it was a good patch, with a generally good instance, but I focused on the gear progression issue and that’s what broke it for me. But thinking about it, Spinks is right. It’s simply not compelling.

Which leads to…

…many people who played since the beginning of Wrath are now out of in-game goals and bored of the year old gameplay…Any subscription game needs to keep offering players a mixture of short, medium, and longterm goals to keep their interest in maintaining a relationship with that game.

I was once an achievement whore. Oh yeah! I loved playing to get those achievements. Granted I wasn’t focused on each and every one, but I selected several I wanted and got them. I stopped pursuing them months ago, but I passed the 6000 point a few weeks back.

The point is I had goals. I got my Salty title. I worked hard on getting the rat and turtle, and yet they still elude me. Shazbot!

On the plus side, I was on my paladin last night making enchants for my shaman when my addon went off that Putridus was around. So I hightailed it out of Dalaran with at least one Horde obviously doing the same. When he saw I was looking too he took off in the other direction, but fortunately I got to him first and was able to kill him by myself. So 8 down and idk how many more to go! 😛

And finally…

The reason this has become more of an issue now in Warcraft is that Wrath heralded a new era of accessibility for the game. And that meant fewer long term goals, and a shift in perspective for raid goals. For example, if your goal is to kill the last boss of a raid instance, you can now decide whether killing it on normal mode (possibly in a PUG) will satisfy the sightseeing instinct. Is it worth the extra hassle of finding a raid group just to get the boss on hard mode? A lot of people don’t find that as compelling a prospect as when it was the only way to see that boss die at all.

I think that’s my problem. I love how raiding is more accessible. But the way it’s being done has disrupted my long term goals; the primary goal being to experience all the raids and down all the bosses. Hard modes are extras. If I can do them I would like to experience them, but I definitely won’t kill myself over them.

Finding Goals Again

Monday night we had to deal with the download boss. I logged in to WoW a couple of hours before the hotfix was available so didn’t have to deal with it, but while we were waiting for others to do so in the middle of our raid, I was curious how many JC tokens I had. So I went searching and lo and behold! Wouldn’t you know?! I had 106 Triumph emblems*…

Yeah, I got a little shit from the others as you can imagine. 🙂

I’ve been hoarding a few** items in my bags that I’ve gotten from Ulduar and ToC10. But I really didn’t want to break my T7 4-piece bonus so I’ve waited and waited. Well I had one trophy as well so I finally sat down and tried to figure out what I should buy. After nearly two hours I figured it out and got it done. Sorta.

I have 60+ Conquest emblems as well and I was too tired at that point to do anything about it. 🙂

The point is I had a lot of fun doing that. I miss that. I got talking with Mach last night and I think I realized I stopped doing gear paths when Ulduar hit. The upgrades felt too much like sidegrades to me so I didn’t worry about it. I was only worried about finishing Ulduar.

But I find that I miss having those gear goals. I’ve let the whole issue ruin the game for me. It was my long term goal which I lost. And I think it’s also why I have been leveling 5 toons the past few weeks. It’s a goal that’s filling my need for long term goals which is why I think it’s the only thing I’ve been enjoying in the game lately.

My Goals

So in order to help me rejuvenate myself here are my new goals:

Short Term – by the end of the month

  • Farm Lower City rep. 5 more Shadow Lab runs and I’m done! FYI, prot soloing that takes a looooong time. But then again I think it was still faster than when I ran it at 80! 🙂
  • Kill Yogg.
  • Get into ToGC before Icecrown hits…even if I have to PuG…dear Lord help me!
  • Finish upgrading shaman’s gear just because.
  • Tank a raid. Don’t care what. Just tank one.
  • Heal heroics with druid. At least two per week. I need to learn.
  • Medium Term – by the end of the year

  • Level my 5 lowbie alts to 60.
  • Get 35 Exalted Reputations.
  • Complete BC and Vanilla raid achievements. Eye, Hyjal, BT, Sunwell, AQ, etc.
  • Hit 100k gold. I abandoned gold making months ago and have been sitting on 45k for quite some time. I’ve started up again, but not full force. Don’t think I intend to either.
  • Long Term – before Cataclysm

  • Fish up that turtle and rat.
  • Level my 5 lowbie alts to 80.
  • PvP on my rogue because rogues piss me off!
  • Get 40 exalted reputations.
  • Complete Frostbitten.
  • I may not hit all these goals. Some may shift from Short Term to Long Term and back again, but at least I’ll have something to move towards. Regardless of what your goals are, isn’t that the point of playing the game? Lose sight of that and the game is meaningless.

    *I had 109 after Faction Champions when I got hit by the download boss and that was the end of the night for me.
    **Try seven. I had two helms…


    10 Responses

    1. Ha! glad you enjoyed the post…

      The ban-monster has me at work too… no specific sites… just anything wow related… my boss has eyes in the back of his head… damn it.


      You are right.

      I think that is what I have enjoyed about leveling my 2nd character to 80… very clear goals. Gnomeaggedon just got lost in the “cant haves”.. Squidly has been reveling in the “everything is an upgrade”

    2. Well said. Having short and long term goals is important, but sometimes stopping for a bit and doing somethine completely different helps relieve the strain fo dailies. And, leveling your alts may prove that – although I’m keeping a couple back for Cat when it hits.

      Also, it’s nice to see someone else going back and wanting to level old world and Outlands reps. It might not mean a damn thing, but those shiny achievements always make me smile.

    3. You mention a mod you had for Frostbitten? Would you mind sharing your secrets? =)

      It’s not an achievement that I’ve actively given much thought to, because I like to tinker on alts when I’m not raiding…but I do like my achievements on my main, and well, if there is a simpler way of tracking when those critters are up, I may reconsider!

      Good Luck with your goals! I too set goals for myself, I do better at meeting some than others, but it’s good to know I’ve got them!

    4. @Beruthiel – The addon I believe is _NPCScan. But I’m not at home to double check.

    5. […] has a thought-provoking post on his blog about goals and how when you have none you tend to burn out from the game. It made me ponder for a […]

    6. It’s either that, or NPC_scan.

      It’s a HUGE help for some things. But, it scares the crap outta me when I visit some place and it goes off lol

    7. Oh, and “on topic”… I’m kinda on the opposite side, I have so much to do on my main, I can’t really get started.

      I’m slowly edging up to 80, but can’t seem to find a group to actually do any raiding with which doesn’t help… *shrug*

    8. @Slikrx – Yeah that damn addon still scares the crap out of me! 🙂

    9. Great, I’ll check it out when I get home! Thanks 🙂

    10. […] Better Class Of Player Posted on November 24, 2009 by kyrilean Remember I mentioned that I read blogs during my breaks at work? And remember how I mentioned that a good majority of those blogs are blocked and only […]

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