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Subscription Fees

So I’m scanning my feed reader for blogs, which reminds me I need to update my blog list to match, and I come across a post over at Massively about subscription fees. Many of you might not follow them since they talk about most every other game out there except WoW. They let their sister site WoW.com do that.

Although I do more scanning of their site than actual reading, I like to keep up on what’s out there because as much as I hate to admit it, I’m starting to feel that WoW is on it’s last legs for me. Well at least raiding-wise, but more on that tomorrow because I think I finally figured out what really bothers me about the game lately and you might be surprised.

Anyway, back to subscription fees. Just glancing at the article instantly had me wondering at what point would I stop paying? I found the answer somewhat amusing.

Right now I believe I’m set up for the 6-month subscription, whatever that turns out to be. In my mind, it’s still $14.99/month regardless of discounts. But then I thought would I pay $19.99/month? I think I’d be really hesitant to do so which is funny when you think about it. It’s only $5 more and on a per day basis, that’s still pretty small. Yet the thought occurred to me that if they were to increase the subscription fee by say $1 every 6 months, I’d probably still be paying it without bailing.

Like a frog placed in a pot of water slowly brought to boil.


One Response

  1. I really can’t say where I’d stop paying. I never thought I’d pay for a game at all, but I’ve been paying for WoW for four years now and it doesn’t bother me.

    14.99$ a month is reasonable to me, but it’s enough that I wouldn’t be able to afford an extra account or to play two non-free MMOs at once. Other people don’t seem to mind fees at all and play several MMOs or have multiple WoW accounts.

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