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A Better Class Of Player

Remember I mentioned that I read blogs during my breaks at work? And remember how I mentioned that a good majority of those blogs are blocked and only readable through my feed reader? Well, one of my favorites is BBB and he had an amazing post the other day that I read and wholeheartedly agreed with, but obviously can’t comment on.

The funny thing is I didn’t think much about it afterwards because we all know I’ve bitched and moaned about how Blizzard has messed up gear progression, etc. But then something happened…


Last night we were once again able to go to ToC25 with almost a full guild run. I think we were ultimately 4 people short, but we did fill it. A rose by any other name would still smell…like a cowpie after the manure spreader passed it over. But ToC was still fun! Having fun and being frustrated don’t always cancel each other out.

We had very few problems with Northrend Beasts. Check and done! Squishy tank, please find avoidance.

Jarraxxus was a joke! Oh wait, I’m sorry. I meant our raid was a joke!

Near the end of the Jarraxxus fight our raid nearly lost it. People started dying left and right. I want to say half the raid died in the last 30-60 seconds of that fight. Why? Apparently our dps can’t pull their heads out of their Netherstorm regions long enough to remember to deal with adds!

Then comes Faction Champions. If ever there was a more lopsided fight in WoW, I have yet to experience it! Especially since 25s are easier than 10s. Last night we get a really crappy mix! I was expecting a total wipefest and the end of the run right then. But in true BoO fashion we excel when we expect to fail and fail where we should succeed!* Not one person died…

We burn strat our way through the Val’kyr with little problem except for our dps that are more attracted to orbs than flies to manure!

Then comes Anub! Our own personal guild chastity belt! And damned if he’s going to let us enjoy the end! This fight should be a joke! I mean seriously?! I know it can be a somewhat intense fight, but what’s the problem?!

The Problem

I’m biased and won’t blame the healers. We have excellent healers. The only problem our healers have with any of the fights is dying to stupid. Two of our healers died last night to Anub’s spikes because they were always told to stand on the ice. Now I don’t want to embarrass anyone by saying their names, but their initials are L.y.r.a.n.d.r.e. (a.k.a. A.m.b.e.r.) and E.r.d.k.r.i.e.g. (a.k.a. K.y.r.i.l.e.a.n.)

Problem is these two were told to stand on the ice when Anub submerges and apparently in 10s you take damage, just not as much, so they’ve never noticed it as they heal right through it. Last night it was better explained that they needed to kite Anub and stand on the opposite side of the ice. See? Died to stupid!

Our tanks are decent. According to our former main tanks, they are still a little slow on this fight.

Our main problem appears to be dps. We had a wide range of dps in our raid. We had those that excel. We had those that think they excel. We had those that suck. And we had those that suck and don’t think they do.

Those that excel are like Huntres. Yes, the same Hunt we give a lot of crap to, but he knows his toon and he consistently tops the meters WHILE doing his assigned jobs. Yes, this guy can shoot down ice, switch to adds, occasionally avoid fires (although that can be sporadic at times), and even has the healer channel named after him: LETHUNTDIE.

Those that think they excel are like a particular guild member we had last night who kept his dps quite high by never switching to adds. It is you my friend that appears to excel because Recount says you did, but in fact you did not because you do not know how to do your job and switch to adds appropriately!!! This was made extremely evident during Faction Champions when his dps dropped to 3k. 🙂

Those that suck are…well those that suck. Some know it, others don’t. One example was the warlock that after the Val’kyr fight and before Anub was DEAD LAST on the overall damage meters (excluding healers). And when I mean dead last, I mean “Afk a sec! gonna let my cat play while I’m away!”

"Let me explain. No, there is too much. Let me sum up."

We had a ret pally in the raid and not one of those “OMG how the hell is he pushing those kinds of numbers!” players. He dc’d after Faction Champions and never made it back. He missed the entire Val’kyr fight. He was second to last on overall damage at that point…

*sputter*, *curse*, *stare blankly at screen*, *wipe screen with sleeve*, *wonder why Recount’s not working?*, …

Seriously?! You can’t overall outdamage a guy that missed an ENTIRE boss fight?! WTF?!

See? Having fun and being frustrated can happen all at the same time. 🙂

A Better Class Of Player

I hope you read BBB’s post about Kara attunements. I remember doing all that. It was a pain, but it was soooo EPIC!!! By the time you got it done you really felt like you accomplished something. But even that aside, the attunement prepared you for what you were about to experience!

The Kara attunement was great! Not only did it make you feel like a part of the story, but it prepared you for what was to come. I remember wiping for weeks on helping Medivh at the Portal. It was such a bitch! But it was nowhere near as hard as Attumen was the first time!

I miss attunements. Sure I don’t want to have to go through a lengthy attunement on each of my classes. I’m not a masochist! And like BBB suggested, making attunements BoA may be a solution, although I would suggest that be something they introduce after a raid’s been out for a while. If you have multiple toons, make you work for it at first. Later on make it easier, but either way make us work for it! And for any naysayers out there that think it might be difficult for Blizzard, how come Blizzard can send you an in-game mail with a pet for something you acquired during an event and send all of your newly created alts the same pet? Just saying.

I know I complain a lot about gear progression, but it’s not really about the gear. It’s about progression. I like gear, but I don’t care about gear. I want gear to be a requirement to advance, but I don’t want it to be the only requirement.

My point is, gear progression aside, attunements forced a player down a path of learning. And although you can’t always avoid the one guy that will get carried and will still ultimately suck, it sure helps.

I like progression for my own fun, but I also like progression so my fun isn’t adversely affected by others either. I may not be a hard ass when it comes to beating others up about their performance because God knows I’m not perfect! But seriously?! An ENTIRE BOSS FIGHT?!

[2.Trade] [Kyrilean]: WTB a better class of player..

*Amber, I vote that this be our guild motto.


7 Responses

  1. I miss attunements too. By the time that I started raiding, it was late enough into BC that they were no longer required, but I did them ANYWAY. I loved the way that the Kara quest explained what was coming. I like having more of a lead in, quest wise, to a new dungeon than “lol just go in this portal and fight some stuff”.

    I hate to point fingers, because I know I’m not perfect either, but it’s obvious that our raids are failing somewhere, and it doesn’t seem to be the healers. It’s frustrating to put a lot of effort into knowing how to play your class and perform well, only to feel like there are others in the raid who don’t do the same, but we need them anyway.

  2. i don’t think that it is because attunements force players to learn – I’ve raided with people in TBC that were really bad despite going through the attunements. I think it is that the attunements force players to invest a lot of time and effort into doing something so they are able to raid. You aren’t just able to try and farm an instance with different alts. People wouldn’t be able to just randomly make up a group just because they are level 80, it’s part of the reason why Gear Score is so predominant in the game (no matter how illogical GS standards have become).

    Attunements were good but the reason why they were good are also the reason why they were bad (time sink).

  3. having done basically every attunement thats ever come out, i have to agree that they should return overall (at least to me) they just improve game play. granted, that can easily be put off balance by having an attunement just become a time-sink. EX. BT attunement was fun as hell but it took REALLY fuckin long to finish

  4. I can only speak for myself…I remember being on adds for Jarraxuss to the point where I was the only one trying to kill the Infernals at one point. As for Anub, I think the problem is I get conflicting messages. Kill the big adds, kill the small adds. When I do kill the small adds, I can’t go toe to toe with them when their enraged.. I’m a mage, and they tell me no AOE on these mofoes. WTF. I say have a DK stack em up, and let the 4 mages in the raid AOE the crap out of them.

  5. I’m glad attunements are out of the game. All they did was make it harder to raid. It did nothing to separate good players from bad. How many players that did the quest to get the Kara key really cared about the story line? I bet is the same number of players that follow the Son of Hordir story line, one of the best one in the game (done it 5 times).
    The hard part has always been finding a group of players that work good together. I believe one of the reason bigger guilds (60+) players are successful is because they can pick and choose who comes to raid and get rid of the dead weight.

  6. Frost, some guilds use a ret pally or something similar to round up the little adds for AoE. I think maybe we should switch to that method, or…something like it.

  7. @Raq – I think you’re memory is a little fuzzy there. You couldn’t separate them all because you’d always find the guilds willing to carry bad players through, but it sure helped change several. Take me for example. I couldn’t heal Ramparts when I first started. It was only the grindfest that taught me how to heal and even then I couldn’t heal Kara initially, and it wasn’t all about the gear. I’ll admit that I sucked.

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