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Winding Down

I can feel it. I’m dreading it. But last week was just a sign that WoW is winding down for me. And it makes me sad.

In the last two years, during the holidays I found extra time for WoW. My kids often watch holiday cartoons or run around playing with their toys as the weather often sucks too much to go outside (it rained all week btw :(). My wife is often in “craft mode” frantically working on lists for Christmas presents which often include scrapbook pages to send to her parents, quilting, crocheting, etc. So even though I spent a lot of time with family and even seeing extended family, I still end up with a lot of “free” time. Just like this last week.

Monday and Wednesday I showed up for raids. Even participated in a ToC10 raid on Wednesday just so they wouldn’t have to pug. I quickly did some of the holiday questing on Tuesday and logged in for literally 2 minutes on Saturday to shoot a Troll Rogue. I couldn’t bring myself to log in to level alts or power-level cooking on them which I had planned on doing.

Work was letting us go early on Wednesday for the holiday. I left even a few minutes earlier than that when my wife called asking me to rush over to someone’s house to pick up a bunk bed. We’ve been talking about getting one for my boys for a while now. It’s a metal frame and nothing fancy, but it was free! 🙂 We then ran to a mattress store to pick up a full-size mattress for the lower bunk.

What’s special about a bunk bed? Well, remember creating forts when you were a kid? Yeah, apparently that’s still fun as hell! Dad (a.k.a. me) decided that once it was up it would be a great idea to scrounge up all the large unused blankets and make a fort! Which the boys had a great time with and we did that for an hour or so.

Aside from all the house cleaning my oldest boy and I did, I just spent time goofing off with the kids and relaxing. Finally caught up on all those Flash Forward episodes stored on my DVR. I must say that the show didn’t really appeal to me much, even with recycled Lost actors, but my wife insisted and I must say that once it gets going you sort of get sucked into it.

And as a side note, I’m really disappointed that after V just barely started, we now have to wait out the holiday TV season until it comes back. No wait! I’m just pissed! Because not only do we have to wait out the standard holiday season that usually comprises December through half of January, we also have to wait until March until we get new episodes!!!

Anyway, most of my “free” time was spent playing Assassin’s Creed 2 and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. I think I’m almost done with AC2. I’ve unlocked all The Truth videos and I must say…cool. Now I know why they put the announcement on the start screen that this game was made by people of various religions and beliefs. I find it ironic that I believe more people would be offended by this video than by the fact that you’re playing a guy that goes around killing people. But then again if they can handle The DaVinci Code they should be able to handle this.

Call of Duty is just awesome! At least the multiplayer is. I still haven’t gotten close to finishing the single-player game. I’m just working on getting to 70 so I can start Prestige mode! I think I’m into it almost 40 hours of play time and I’m only level 52 or so… Gotta love this time sink!

I did spend a couple of hours playing Warcraft 3. I got through the first few Scourge campaign levels. That game is still enjoyable after all these years.

Anyway, back to the point. Last week I spent a lot of time doing things other than WoW and it was great! Unfortunately, I can see the draw of WoW begin to ebb and the draw of other things begin to brighten. I’m not quite there yet, but it’s making me wonder if I can even last until Cataclysm?


9 Responses

  1. I can’t. Canceled last week.

  2. I had a very similar experience this weekend it used to be when I had a long weekend I would find a bunch of time for WOW this weekend I caught up on some tv shows and movies and played on the xbox I think I am just waiting for 3.3 honestly but yeah I see the ebb, we’ll see how it goes

  3. I can’t believe how long it seems until cataclysm comes out. I’m kind of excited for the new lfg system and look forward to that but until then I can’t seem to log in. I’m so tired of totc and don’t think I could stand to do hardmodes…

  4. I’m actually enjoying the fact that I don’t feel compelled to play anymore. I can do all my offline work, log on 30 minutes before a raid, raid then take off again. It’s a huge relief.

  5. What was that? I can’t hear you here in DAO land.

  6. Yeah I understand burn out after 5 years of playing the same game, I’ve been there done that. Sometimes you got to mix it up, like just change sides, and find some new friends. It made it a little bit interesting. What I like doing sometimes is just make an alt toon and try to build things from scratch.

    There’s alot of things I haven’t done in this game, and I like to accomplish a few of them before I go…Like get a damn baron’s mount. This keeps me going.

  7. I’ve had my fair share of burnouts, most notably right after sunwell released I kinda jsut up and left, I’ve learned though that the best way to not burnout is to just log on when you know you have something to do. Vent especially has made this easier, I’ll log on vent with my friends all the time but I won’t log on WoW unless i’m doin dailies or they ask me for help (or to raid with the guild at a scheduled time). Also it’s prepatch time, everyone gets anxious to see the last patch and to add on to that blizzard has released very little information on cataclysm compared to how much info they released on BC and WotLK before they came out

  8. I had the EXACT same kind of weekend. I knew I should be leveling my frost mage through the over-colored borefest that is Outlands, but I got caught up in NFS: Shift and UT3 with a few friends. I even went so far as to dig up my N64 and play Zelda and Starfox. Classics never get old.

  9. I spend that entire week playing COD:MW2

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