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Old Wives’ Tales

Several months ago I heard an amazing tale that obviously couldn’t be true. Apparently there were once raids that had lots and lots of mini-bosses that rarely, if ever, dropped loot other than cloth and gold. These mini-bosses were often referred to as trash. The story was so fantastic that it obviously couldn’t be true. It was an old wives’ tale.

I’m here to tell you that this particular old wives’ tale is real!!!

We went into Icecrown last night as 25s. The first boss kicked our asses, but there was trash! Literally mobs that fought us before we got to the boss! And the instance had rooms! THAT’S ROOMS AS IN PLURAL!!!

I haven’t had this much fun raiding since Naxx was brand new…again. And WTF?! I have to actually fly from a graveyard to the instance? You mean it takes a little time? I’m not right outside?!

Real raiding. Damn I’ve missed it! 🙂


7 Responses

  1. we spend 2 nights mostly wiping and only got 2 bosses so far and it felt….GLORIOUS!!!!

    the fights are fascinating, the mechanics are interesting you cannot just sleepwalk through them, and you wipe! sure you make progress and come back and makes some more and you learn a little with every attempt but god, it felt so good to wipe, run back and then discuss what we could change while rebuffing.

    oh and I think (and maybe its becasue I’m just sleepy, but that’s what it felt like) first boss is actually harder on 10 man then on 25 man O_O

  2. Oh so lucky you guys got in!
    We decided to do 10man ICC last night, I had 19 sign up and 10 spots o.o with not enough healers or tanks for a 2nd grp /crai, so it was splitting hairs on who could go and who would go it sucked picking and choosing.
    Well we get assembled and head to the instance and zone in… ya 3/4 of us got stuck on the loading screen boss for 30 min and the accouple inside couldnt do anything it was frozen, so we get booted to Dal (finally) and then I invite my 80 alt to raid and try to zone in, no luck at all.
    We went to 10man togc and got to anooob, dang is he hard on togc so little ice patches :s
    Monday is ICC hope we can get there!

  3. We have to use strategy on pulls for trash. Do I hear a comeback of CC, I get to see sheep again!!!!!

  4. Did the old wives’ tale say anything about the tanks not going from full to zero health in 1.5 seconds on a boss fight? I think I heard something about it…lol.

  5. I was shackling like a mofo on the 3rd 5-man…woot!!!

  6. Can I get a hell yea?

    Other than the encounters being a little too easy on normal difficulty, I was very impressed with the work and design time put into the instance.

    I was also really impressed with the RP and lore put into ICC — it’s simply CHOCK FULL of juicy dialogue. I’m really glad to see Blizzard has continued the trend of RP dialogue-heavy raids they started in ToC. At least now it’s in an actual raid instance instead of a boring, half-assed imitation.

  7. BTW, for clarities sake, I was referring to the raid encounters.

    the 5-mans are a different sort of animal and are quite fun as they are. 🙂

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