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…with my Druid nonetheless! 😉

Had a lot of fun this weekend farming heroics using the new LFG tool. I’m actually pleasantly surprised. As someone famous for refusing to pug I was somewhat skeptical of the new tool. Let’s face it, it’s just another means for horrible people to find themselves in groups where they can bitch and moan about how others don’t know how to play.

So Friday night I entered the queue for the first time and it went quite well. On the other hand it was Violet Hold, but it still went really, really fast! After leaving group I logged off to watch Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince with my family and went to bed. But after the movie I started thinking about it a lot. My druid has been neglected pretty much since hitting 80. She had a few blues and greens to replace and only a few crafted or purchased epics.

So when I woke up Saturday morning I spent a few hours farming heroics. With the exception of the Pit, they went quite well. Although I have to give kudos to my group that put up with a slightly undergeared healer. We did it, but it took an hour or so. I continued the farming on Sunday for a few hours and roughly 12 hours play time I had gone from a 1700 gear score on WoWHeroes to a 2300 gear score. In fact at one point I was even outgearing my paladin…

My paladin! My main! Now granted my “main” has been my shaman for some time now, but to go from 1700 to my paladin’s gear in less than a day?! That’s freaking awesome*!

But why is it awesome? Is it because gear is fun to get? No. Is it because everyone’s so much more geared so the old heroics are that much easier?  No. And why would someone who avoids pugs like the plague suddenly find fun in this new LFG tool?

Because it’s FREAKING FAST!!!

I finally realized my number one complaint about pugs. Time. You spend 30 minutes to an hour getting a group together or trying to find a group. When you finally do at the first sign of trouble half the group bails and you’re at step one all over again. Never mind the jerks who are quick to blame others. I just wasted a good hour with nothing to show for it. If it were only fun that would be something!

Give me a way to get into a group fast and half the problem of pugging goes away. It’s also nice that if you get screwed with a bad group that random heroics can still get you back in.

So I’ve been rejuvenated. I look forward to gearing up my druid and going back to finish out gearing my priest which hasn’t seen the light of day in months! Heroics have a purpose once again.

*This is no way is an endorsement of what I consider to be the gear problems that continue to plague the game.