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Ever The Vigilant

Far be it for me to judge someone playing any class at this point in the game. To be honest, since the disappointment that was 3.2 I lost interest in research as is apparent by my lack of informative posts in the last few months. But there is a line somewhere between knowledge and vigilance.

Knowledge is something we learn, something we well…know. Vigilance is the process of being aware. And if you’re not going to learn your toon, shame on you for being a failplayer, but regardless you should at least be aware of your toon.

Again far be it for me to judge other players, especially tanks. My tanking experience is somewhat limited and finds itself further limited to paladins. My warrior is only level 40 and is not spec’d into Prot yet. So Vigilance is something I do not have for warriors. But I have been vigilant in knowing that it exists and that it is something prot warriors should be using…especially on boss fights!

So why the hell would you use the excuse that you didn’t think it was needed?! It’s a damn buff you moron! It lasts for 30 minutes and you don’t have to cast it again, given that your target doesn’t die!

It increases your threat! Oh, that’s right you’re so uber you don’t have to worry about that!

It decreases the damage your target takes! Oh, that’s right your healers are so uber they don’t have to worry about that!

It resets your taunt if your target gets hit! Oh, that’s right once again you’re so uber that you don’t have threat problems!

Even if you don’t have those problems there is no excuse for not using it. From what I’m told you should even be glyphed for it. But different playstyles and all that. You have it though. Use it!

Oh and while I’m complaining…

When tanking Marrowgar it is important to get into the hitbox to be sure, but because the fire will still hit those in the hitbox that stand in front, unlike other areas, YOU STILL HAVE TO MOVE OUT OF THE FIRE!!!

Is it really unfair of me to think that even tanks need to get out of the fire? Is it really unfair of me to think it’s so hard to figure out that if I can’t move forward that moving to the side should work? I know tanking’s difficult or at least stressful. I know that each class/role requires some experience. But “Don’t stand in the fire!” is something we learned in Warcraft Kindergarten.


6 Responses

  1. He merely continues the pattern he started as a rogue >.>

  2. Vigilance is a very contentious subject with warrior tanks. We are the only tank class who’s agro sucks so bad that we have to spend talents points, and a major glyph, on a tool that relies on another player for our agro. Weather we like it or not warrior tanks HAVE to use it. I also glyph for it out of experience.
    I remember when I left Icestorm the guild I joined started asking me to main tank over the other warrior tank because dps did not have to slow down once I establish agro.
    When I pug the daily heroic I usually put Vigilance on the dps I think will be the highest, then adjust after the first fight pull.

  3. So i take it ICC didnt go too well last night 😦

  4. It went fabulous for the repair vendors they are very pleased with my donation.

    On another note I kept dyeing to the Saber lash, why the hell was i getting it, I was to the side of Marrowgar. I caught it twice. Who knows I hate Blizz sometimes.

  5. Glyphing for Vig is a waste of a glyph. Period.

    Using it, however, is not. In 5 mans I vig the high DPS and if someone jumps threat toss it to them on the fly. Raids we run a dual warrior tank team usually and Vig each other for hard hitters or our top DPS for DPS burn races.

    If the extra 5% threat from Vig glyph is needed to keep yer DPS from capping threat (no matter how talented they are), something is wrong.

    Shield Wall, Revenge, Devastate, Sunder, Blocking will all go much further for tanking.

  6. […] Ever the Vigilant […]

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