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Random Thoughts

1) ToC still sucks. Yes I still have a little fun in there and it was nice being able to take my druid to a raid for the first time ever, but the fact that I had to bring my shaman in because no one was dispelling heals, interrupting, or any of the other necessary things that one does on Faction Champions… Yes, well Amber did dispel quite a bit after I bitched about the Skull target having up to 6 hots at one point.

2) Amber fails at showing up late for a raid she set up.

3) Amber fails for even setting up a ToC raid.

4) Amber fails cuz somehow I got roped into going.

5) Fail pugs should keep their mouth shut. Especially holy priests who can’t outheal scrub resto druids with less gear and experience.

6) It isn’t always the hunters’ fault. But don’t tell them that. They already have giant egos!

7) How pissed should I be that my druid outgears my paladin?

8) Will the new LFG start to fall apart in a few months once everyone’s geared up all of their toons?

9) Wonder if I can fully deck out my druid in Triumph gear this weekend?

10) Wonder how long to get my other four toons the same?

and the number 1 random thought that has plague my mind since the announcement of Cataclysm!!!

11) Will Blizzard increase the number of toons allowed per server? I’d really like to roll a Worgen on my server. And there’s no way in hell I’m deleting one of those toons!