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Gearing Up

Oh last night I went into ICC10 for the second time. Yeah last week was bad. Didn’t even get saved because we didn’t kill bosses. A second group went Thursday. Well I went to help the 2nd group last night and killed my first boss. Oh. Yeah it was Saurfang. Talk about doing this instance backwards…

Hey, remember I had a druid I leveled to 80? Yeah I almost forgot too. She got neglected once she hit 80. I tried to gear her up by buying crafted items and trying a heroic or two, but that didn’t go very far. I burned out around that time so there she sat with a WoWHeroes score of 1700 or so. That’s pretty much ilvl 200s with 2 ilvl187 blues and 2 lower greens.

Well, 3.3 hit on December 8th and on Friday the 11th I tried my first random heroic.  Well I didn’t have a lot of time that night so it was only the one, but it was fun. So on Saturday I started farming. With a little luck, really quick runs, and on two weekends I geared my healer to 2638. For you GearScore nuts, that’s just a few points shy of 5000. I replaced every item except for one trinket. Darkmoon Card: Illusion. I need to find something else. I also have a cloth belt and boots, but haven’t been able to find anything better yet. Braid of Salt and Fire and Prelate’s Snowshoes.

It was a blast! The random tool has got me playing again! Call it what you will, but it worked…at least for now. I’m still upset about the entire gear pollution thing. Although I think they’ve done a better job this time as I’m geared in T9 equivalents and it’ll take a really long time to gear up into T10 unlike the fiasco that was ToC. So I guess my priest is next, then my paladin, and my shaman.

Oh and did I mention that she now outgears my main raiding toon, the shaman?

Yeah…two weekends…what gear pollution?! F*$#!!!


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  1. Hey dude! Long time no see! Hope all is well with you!

  2. Hey Draya! 🙂

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