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LF…Common Courtesy

I geared up my druid.

Started to do this with my priest, but it seems that at least three of the pieces I could get are craftable and so I don’t feel motivated to spend a lot of time grinding.

Although the new LFG tool is still amazing, the novelty has worn off and so has common courtesy.

Originally the tool was so new that people were gearing up their mains which are for the most part overgeared for the 5-man instances. But now groups are obviously filled with alts given the gear that most of them are wearing.  And wipe after wipe, insult after insult, I find myself once again starting to dread logging in.

I wouldn’t play a board game with people I didn’t like. So why do I subject myself to douchebag strangers?


8 Responses

  1. wow I have been finding the same things….

  2. You must be having some really bad luck with PUGs. Are you running the new ICC 5mans as PUGs? I have found those to be kind of tough for PUGs since they are still new. I like to call the spinning move the final boss in Forge of Souls does as the “PUG Popper”.

  3. You need a hug from a certain mage me thinks.

  4. I have to say that even with my resent bad experience with a pug I still use the LFG every day. The two badges of frost per day are too valuable not to do it.

  5. @shriekul – Bad luck? Lately, yes. With my druid it was great even when I was undergeared because people were a little more patient while it was new. Now they’re not patient at all, and I’m not even talking about people blaming the healer (me).

    @raquoon – You need to remember I gave up the hardcore a long time ago. Frost emblems don’t mean crap to me. It’ll be 6 months before I can purchase my first item.

  6. Ky, are you bipolar? One day you’re all excited about something in WoW, and the next thing I know, you’re fussing again. 😛

  7. […] LF…Common Courtesy […]

  8. @Sol – If you recall I was excited about the new LFG tool, but I’ve always hated pugging because of the asshats and was wondering when it would finally fail. It’s on it’s way! 🙂

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