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A Reminder As To Why I Play

Every once in a while I need a reminder as to why I continue to play this game. Fortunately, every so often the reminder slaps me right in the face. 🙂

Sorry the images are not the best quality so I’ve included typed up versions, although in a couple of cases I edited a word or two. Don’t want search engines to find me on those words.

Unfortunately, my screenshot cut out my reply on the first one. 😛

[Raid] [Orithea]: I have a peanut butter ice cream sandwich
[Raid] [Orithea]:it’s the most delicious thing I’ve ever put in my mouth

[Raid Warning] [Lyrandre]: Don’t Stand In The Bad (TM)
[Raid] [Erdkrieg]: damn i’m standing next to amber again
Lyrandre slaps you across the face. Ouch!
[Raid] [Erdkrieg]: 🙂
[Raid] [Orithea]: SNAP
[Raid Leader] [Lyrandre]: Do you see the shit they say to me Ry?
[Raid Leader] [Lyrandre]: They’re worse than mom is
[Raid] [Erdkrieg]: did i say that to her? NO! i said that to everyone else lol
[Raid Leader] [Lyrandre]: F*** you Ky
[Raid] [Erdkrieg]: ❤
[Raid] [Shiveria]: be mean to my sissie and ill choke u and cut off some certian parts uil need
[Raid Leader] [Lyrandre]: lol when did you get violent
[Raid] [Shiveria]: picked it up over time
[Raid] [Erdkrieg]: idk, but she’s underage and the joke that’s hidden there would not be appropriate
[Raid Leader] [Lyrandre]: only for 2 more days
[Raid] [Shiveria]: 2 days
[Raid] [Orithea]: your jokes are never appropriate 😛
[Raid] [Erdkrieg]: and?
[Raid Leader] [Lyrandre]: Also people being underage has never stopped us before
[Raid] [Orithea]: (neither are mine so you’re in good company)
[Raid Leader] [Lyrandre]: that just means we made p___bear jokes
[Raid] [Erdkrieg]: yeah but i’m a father and so i at least have to pretend to be appropriate
[Raid Leader] [Lyrandre]: Bullshit

It’s just a lot of fun raiding with these guys! 😀

Cast of Suckers

Lyrandre – a.k.a. Amber
Orithea – a.k.a. Celaeno
Shiveria – a.k.a. Ry or Amber’s clone. (Seriously! Other than a slight difference in pitch and/or volume, they sound the same on Vent!)
Erdkrieg – a.k.a. Me


2 Responses

  1. I forget sometimes that Ry was, after all, raised by the samem other I was, and that therefore surprising things will come out of her mouth.

    I come by my violent tendencies genetically, I swear!

  2. LOL! THis post full of win!

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