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My GearScore Experiment; Or Ky’s An @$$

There’s a lot of complaints about GearScore lately. And I’m one of the many sounding off.

So the other day (apparently Tuesday per Amber’s post) I was talking to Amber…

    Amber: Kyyyyyy. I need to learn to be mean to some of our guildies.
    me: pretend they’re me
    Amber: but I like you even if I’m mean to you
    me: are you saying you don’t like them and you want to be mean to them?
    Amber: …some of them, maybe
    or that I like them LESS
    me: anyway. elaborate. let uncle ky make it all better. (lmao i can’t even type that with a straight face)
    Amber: [name #1 redacted]
    [name #2 redacted]
    …their attitudes…
    [name #3 redacted] bitching about what we “allow” in raids without, you know, helping me form them
    me: well i finally called out [name of one of the aforementioned redacted of course] in an offhand way.
    Amber: oh?
    me: gearscore!*
    Amber: lol
    see: my post today about fucking gearscore

…while I’m reading Amber’s post…

*Regarding the gearscore comment: what happened was we were in a raid with a pug the other night that kept bringing up gearscore. As you know whenever anyone starts discussing gearscore I start to get really annoyed. It isn’t because gearscore is a bad thing, it’s because PEOPLE ARE F%*&^ING IDIOTS!!!

"A person is smart. People are dumb, panicky, dangerous animals and you know it."

So I made a comment about gearscore in guild chat to which one member not in raid said he’s only said it a couple of times. My response was that he does it all the time, said I was talking about a pug, and casually changed the conversation elsewhere. 😛

…after reading Amber’s post…

I laughed (albeit in a frustrated way) and agreed along with the rest of you, but an evil plan began to hatch in my twisted little mind.

…back to my conversation with Amber…

    me: you know. that gives me an idea…
    me: i should gear up my dk in spellpower plate and attempt to join pugs demanding gear score requirements
    Amber: XD

So begins my new experiment, but I’m gonna need some help…

So I posted this little drawn-out ditty on our guild forums.

    I’d like to conduct an experiment, although it’ll take some time to set up.
    We all know what GearScore is, or at least we’ve all seen it spammed in Trade Chat. It’s a horrible, horrible tool because of the way it is used.
    GearScore doesn’t mean crap if you can’t hold aggro, keep smart players (i.e. ones that run out of the fire) alive, or do appropriate dps for your gear level. Sorry 3k dps isn’t going to cut it in ICC. So if you can’t break that you either don’t have the gear or you need to practice your class. (Actually you probably need to break that by a lot more than 3000.)
    GearScore annoys me. A lot. There are those in this guild that constantly e-peen their score (among other things like crit, spellpower, stam, health, etc.) and it annoys me. No offense. I am sincerely happy for you, but I don’t care. Really. I couldn’t give a rat’s ass if your gear score is 6000 any more than I care if it’s 2. I’m a hell of a lot more interested in the new rare pet you found than your gear.
    I am really happy that you got that upgrade, but when you link it in guild and I have no idea what you currently have, it doesn’t mean jack shit to me (this includes healers). I’m happy for you, but again I don’t care.
    What I do care about is can you pull your weight in whatever raid we’re currently doing and if not is there a way I can help? (Probably not as I barely know my own healing classes.) Also as a healer, can I keep you alive? No offense, but some of you tanks take massive spike damage at the weirdest ass times and I don’t know why as I’ve seen your stats and they’re no better or worse than Mach’s or Zoja’s. So it’s either you or me and I’m working on figuring out how to compensate for whatever the difference is.
    That said, I’m not saying to stop linking your gear as that’s your own deal and I’ll just ignore it. But I am saying if you’re looking for a pat on the back, gratz, or praise don’t expect it from me. And please don’t take offense if I don’t respond. Just realize that I am happy for you.
    The Experiment
    So now that I’ve offended all of you, I’d like to ask a favor.
    I have 5 level 80s, but only one of which can make this experiment work because of gear itemization. Paladins, Priests, Shaman, and Druids all have a spec that makes all gear itemizations of their appropriate armor types viable based on spec. My DK however does not. It is my intent to gear up my DK with a high gear score in spellpower plate and then attempt to get into PuG raids where the idiot raid leaders are spamming the glories of gearscore.
    The problem with emblems is I don’t think I’ll be able to get spellpower plate on my DK. Maybe a belt, but not the main items. So I’d like to farm heroics to gear up enough to be able to do the new 5-mans and maybe ToC on my DK to get spellpower plate gear and I don’t think PuGs will be too happy with me rolling Need on spellpower plate that they want disenchanted and that’s where I’d like to recruit willing guildies that will allow me to ninja the spellpower plate.
    Because we raid during the week, this will probably have to occur on weekends. If you’d be willing to help out, leave a note and I’ll know to approach you guys. Again, I still need to do some research to find where the drops are and I need to gear up before I can do the new 5-mans anyway.
    And if this turns out to be too hard, or I can’t get my gearscore up high enough in 5-mans, etc. then I may just scrap the idea.

A few of my guildies responded and are fully on board with this plan. So it looks like I’ll have enough help to get this done. I just need to figure out a gear plan in order to maximize my time because in reality this experiment is…well to put it bluntly…completely asinine! I admit it, it’s a dick thing to do! But I’m only trying to get invited to a raid. I have no intention of staying. I’ll just finish being a jerk by spamming congratulations to the RL for inviting a DK in spellpower gear just to prove a point.

Let’s take a moment as I bask in the glory of my original idea…

Oh wait. Unfortunately on Wednesday I found this excellent post by Beruthiel where apparently…

    …one of our officers was telling me that he was in a group the other day with a DK in full epic healing plate. But…his gearcore ROCKED!

I guess I’m not that original. But I’m still going to do it! 😉


7 Responses

  1. I like and dislike gearscore. For one it is a good measure of how you’re SUPPOSED to perform in a raid setting. For example, tanks need around a 5k gearscore to even have enough health to survive things like Rotface, and other bosses in ICC. When we’re bringing in a PuG to a raid gearscore helps us to know how much we can expect from that person. Gearscore is like the first bar you have to pass in order to be considered for ICC.

    But you’re right, gearscore has a darker side. It does nothing to show what type of gear you’re wearing…unless you open up your /gs interface and look over the type of gear they have. Gear score is just a component of how well you’re supposed to perform in raids, and if they can’t perform up to their gear standards…well it makes them all that eaiser to replace.

    When people start blabbing about their gearscore in guild, it is highly annoying. For guildies it isn’t as important because you know how they’ll perform with the gear they have and how much a new peice will improve them. But, you’ll get those few people who are always like “LOL Look guyz Iz got a 5357k gs lolololol.” and they may not know how annoying they are…which I sypathize with because when my healing set was gettting good I was one of those people. Usually if you mention that it’s annoying or you don’t care, they’ll shut up. I know I did 😛

    Well good luck to your experiment…hopefully you won’t be taking to much gear from needy holy pallies!!

  2. sounds like a fun experiment! 🙂 3 items that I can suggest to you are healing ilvl 245 badge helm, shoulders from the same place and an an intelect/on use spell power trinket.

    oh wait! you can also buy both spellpower rings – the one with spirit and the one with mp5! you can craft holy chest piece and wrists from ToC (what, I’m remembering as I’m writing >_> ) which will leave you with pants, boots, gloves, second trinket, belt and necklace. not mentioning cape casue frankly unless someone lets you have the caster cape that drops off Onyxia (or whatever you can scrap in ToTC), your best option is either 213cap from valor badges or 219 cape from regular ICC 5 mans

  3. ooh, forgot to mention! don’t bother gemming/enchanting, becasue such is the fail of gearscore addon that it doesn’t take either of those into consideration.

  4. leah beat my comment, no need to enchant! But, let me know how this one comes out, I think it’s priceless. I feel the same way about achievement linking, particularly when its for stuff well in the past. I saw a pug forming for Naxx, which had the weekly raid quest. The leader was demanding to see a whole clear of Naxx achievement. Gee, I guess my 3-4k dps isn’t good enough to get in THAT group…

  5. What a deliciously evil plan, Ky. Can’t wait to hear how it turns out. HOwever, I suspect (unless you wield a 2H healing staff) you’ll probably have pretty decent DPS just because you probably know how to play.

    Or were you planning on healing? 😉

  6. @Kestrel – Epic bandaging ftw! 😛

  7. If I were on your realm I would fully endorse and support your plan.

    I’m just upset you beat me to it.

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