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GearScore Makes Me Ramble

GearScore is here to stay. So you better learn to live with it.

Anyone who wants to argue that it will have it’s day in the sun and disappear like the next fad, well it’s entirely possible, but you’re nuts!

BeImba! popped up during Burning Crusade and I used it on a daily basis. I’ll admit it, I was all about my score on that website. BC raiding was hard. I was new at it and needed every bit of gear I could get to be able to gauge where I fit in the endgame. Eventually I got to a point where I was geared enough and understood enough about my stats that I stopped looking. It didn’t matter as much anymore. One more point wasn’t going to make or break me for the content that was available to me at the time.

Then WoWHeroes poppped up on the scene. It has a much nicer layout and feel to it. At least it’s prettier to look at anyway. And once again I jumped on the bandwagon of constantly checking out my ever improving gear as I ran through OS and Naxx trying to see where the site said I was in relation to those raids. Then one day Naxx went from hard to insanely easy overnight and I quit looking.

Well that’s not entirely true. I still use the site to remind me what enchants to use. Even though my first toon is an enchanter, I can never remember names of enchants. Call it old age, but I call it “leaving room for something more useful”. XD

So regardless of whatever addons or websites are used, gear score is here to stay. If you want to go back further than the websites and addons, then gear score was determined by colors and item levels which still exist.  Getting epic’d out in BC was time consuming. In Wrath it takes all of about 5 minutes upon hitting 80.

Which brings me to my next point. Progression.

I’ve loved this expansion. It’s purty. I liked OS. I liked Naxx. I even liked Eye of Eternity! Ulduar was a blast! And then…

Onyxia was boring and ToC sucked. Both are single room loot pinatas. But unfortunately just like with Ulduar loot progression screwed it all up.

Ulduar was harder than Naxx for small rewards. ToC and Onyxia were insanely easy (disregarding ToGC) for large rewards. So the result was huge swaths of Ulduar remained untouched by the majority of players.

And now ICC, and the Frost Emblems it brings with, have upped the difficulty and grind levels once again bringing with it a whole new slew of progression issues of which competent players seems to be the number one issue. Ding 80 + gear up in 2 hours = facepalm.

But this is supposed to be a ramble and not a rant and I can deal with competent vs. incompetent players. My mindset at this point is I’d rather run with incompetent guildies than competent pugs, but that’s just because of where I’m at personally now in-game.

That isn’t to say that if I ask you to stop dps’ing the boss THREE TIMES and to dps the add that you as the only spell caster dps in the raid can actually hurt, that I wouldn’t be annoyed if you continued to single-mindedly dps the boss. Theoretically speaking of course. It would be our fault for setting up a raid with only one spell caster dps and attempt a boss whose mechanic requires a good mix of dps which of course we would NEVER do. Although I suppose if people weren’t showing up for raids then it’s THEORETICALLY possible that we might do that.

But at least ICC is somewhat enjoyable, but it’s been such an up and down roller coaster of a ride getting here that part of me can’t wait until it’s over. So I find myself wondering about Cataclysm.

Which ironically some guildies were talking in vent the other night and apparently there are those that believe it’ll hit in November for the holidays and others that believe it’ll hit in June/July. I don’t really see the June/July thing happening, but then again it’d be a really long time to go without another raid if this is indeed the last one so maybe. I think it’ll more likely hit whenever the next big MMO does which is probably Star Wars.

And speaking of other MMOs, what about Blizzard’s new one? They’ve been pretty quiet, but speculation on the web is now heading towards a Call of Duty MMO now that Blizzard is owned by Activision.

A FPSMMO would be pretty interesting. I’d definitely look into something like that. Raids would have to be more strategy than WoW offers. Could you imagine shooting a boss with machine guns for 10 minutes? Umm…yeah…don’t think that’d work. But infiltrating an enemy base in order to stop a nuclear warhead from being launched and having to complete it within a set amount of time? That could definitely work!

And in Call of Duty news, I hit 2nd Prestige this weekend! I seriously need to find a more productive hobby, but gaming is just too much fun! 🙂

And speaking of hobbies which leads to blogs which leads to…

Amber’s recruiting quite the following. Tartdarling has joined our ranks! 🙂

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