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Healer Fail

Normally I edit fail players’ names, but this one doesn’t deserve that honor.

So I die on the beasts at Gortok Palehoof (Utgard Pinnacle) because you can’t be bothered to heal me and yet you have plenty of time to type all of that while the dot on me is ticking…

Actually it isn’t really fail because I don’t buy his explanation. I think it was retribution for being undergeared compared to the rest of the party and yet I still managed 2.6k dps and outdps’d the pally tank which just makes this guy an ass.


6 Responses

  1. This is not a heal fail since the tank did not die. This is Dps fail for taking aggro – or probably more accurate for failing to target tanks target.

    Dps dies, so what, Tank dies is healer fail.

  2. He just said that he died to the dot. There ARE some effects in the game that hit the DPS that don’t involve them pulling aggro.

    The Impale that Gortok Palehoof does to a random party member has to be healed until the member reaches 100% health or the dot doesn’t go away.

    So I don’t exactly understand why it was the DPSs fault for being victim of an RNG ability. The healer could have easily been hit with it.

    This wasn’t an aggro issue, and it WAS a heal issue because its a mechanic that a healer is supposed to handle.

  3. What Teresa said.

    If the little shit had so much homework, his fail healing ass should have been off WoW. I’d say the &*#$ in this situation is not the English teacher.

  4. I understand where you are coming from Goth, but I’m not sure you read my post completely. If you did read my post correctly, then I’m inclined to believe that you are one of the many that

    1 – There are times when a tank dies that it is indeed the healer’s fault. There are also times when a tank dies that it’s his own damn fault. Ever run with a tank that wasn’t defense capped? Especially when he doesn’t have his helm graphic activated and he forgets to take off his fishing hat? How about if the two tanks don’t stack on the Marrowgar fight? Or fail to move out of the fire? Is that healer fail when they die? How about tanks that refuse to blow cooldowns to save themselves? DPS that can’t make the enrage timer?

    The point is be very careful when arbitrarily assigning where the fail goes. It’s not always IF A THEN B. It’s often more like IF A THEN B, UNLESS C THEN D, UNLESS E THEN F…

    2 – I didn’t take aggro. My DK still has two greens and two blues. I’m not sure I could pull aggro from a baby. 😛 Granted I haven’t run much on my DK yet and the only times I have ever taken aggro was when dropping Death & Decay in UK and getting a loose wolf or two and in a CoS run where I purposely attacked a mob that was beating on the healer. Sadly the tank in that run was really bad at situational awareness because adds were all over the place and I’m not talking the little itty bitty zombies, but the ghouls and bigger adds! I knew I’d die, but I saved the healer to keep the party alive.

    3 – Perhaps again you didn’t read closely enough, but this was the Gortok fight. How do I not target the tank’s target? There’s only ever one target throughout that whole fight. On top of which I died after the beast went down and before the boss got activated.

    4 – Let’s assume that I was stupid enough to take more than normal damage during that boss fight like say standing in front of one of the beasts so that when the dot was applied the healer didn’t have enough time to react. While the dot was ticking the healer had time to type all that in my screenshot. What gets me is he had enough time to click that many keys to type his message, but he didn’t have enough time to click his spells to heal me. And this was geared resto druid. Which really makes me believe he did it on purpose and therefore an ass, not a true fail.

  5. Hm, homework. Sounds like a kid who thinks he’s hanging tough with all the adults (or maybe even a couple adults and another kid, who knows) in the room by using a swear word that should ever only be used in the most dire situations (and maybe not even then…I HATE that word). Plus, would you ever use this word in a room full of strangers IRL? And then of course the obligatory F word. (I don’t have a problem with swearing normally unless it’s painfully obvious like in this situation, that it’s being used to sound “mature” while doing homework.) Nobody asked about your teacher or your homework, kid. Get off the computer (and l2heal). God, people like this piss me off!

    Heh, sorry about the rant! Found your blog by way of I Like Bubbles. 🙂

  6. Call it healer bias, no, I did not understand your post because if I had I probably would have kept my mouth shut. I have seen too many terrible tanks in the new lfg where mobs are on the loose and it takes everything you have too keep them up. Dps will die in those circumstances and sometimes not due to any fault of their own. I am an ICC healer with over 3K spell power and to my horror I seem to draw the worst possible groups for my once a day frost emblems – I pretty much have given up on getting the pup and I only run with guildies now or get my emblems the old fashioned way. Sorry, I mistook that you died during the fight and not afterward due to a dot. My apologies to you for my post, I was probably in a different phase than everyone else at the time.

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