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To: Mom w/ <3

Amber: I hate you
me: ?
Amber: “Ky told me to call you mom.” Haaaate.
Old man.
me: lmao
seriously. lmfao
Amber: /rude
me: rude w/ ❤
Amber: Pfft
me: i totally forgot about that lmao
me: yeah well you can hate me more now lol **
Amber: …what did you do?
me: …nothing…
Amber: ….
me: there really needs to be an emote for shit grin

*See my comment about Amber in yesterday’s post. 😛
**See my comment in Amber’s post. 😛

Later that evening…


5 Responses

  1. Lol, awesome.

    I can’t wait to be back.

  2. Go to your room.

  3. What you dont see in the screenshot is that just before Kyr logged on and got demoted for calling her mom, myself and Frost had been demote to searing totem for the exact same reason 🙂

  4. I still won’t call her mom, I’ll just laugh when everyone else does.

    I have to keep my position as guild kiss ass!

  5. Everyone needs a mum like that… There’s even a rank just for you… I think that means you are special!

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