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How Much Is That Doggy In The ICC?

Priceless! (Best in show apparently as well.)

So last night we blow through the first four bosses and worm our way towards Festergut (who we didn’t down btw, in part due to time and in part due to HE F”ING KICKED OUR PATOOTIES!!!) I actually think my new favorite pulls are the two dogs, the mini-Gluths. Let’s face it they’re cute, right?

OK it’s more because they can actually cause a wipe. Seriously, I’ve missed hard trash.

So we pull Precious first because she’s supposedly the harder of the two. As she heads down the stairs she drops her first Decimate. So the healers are spamming their heals to get everyone up, but instantly 4 people die. There’s a groan for the impending wipe.

As we get the tanks up, future decimates and incoming damage takes out one of the tanks and the other healer. The frustration ramps up as the impending wipe turns to the guaranteed wipe.

But no! With determined arrogance, and a little humor I might add, the trusty shaman pops Heroism as a few people laugh while the lone tank, healer, and two dps tough it out. But with great skill comes great responsibility as the epic shaman spams Riptides and Healing Waves on the tank! And Precious goes down!!!

It was epic! 🙂

OK, maybe it wasn’t so much about the healer’s skill because let’s face it, madly punching hotkeys is not skill. But the tank popping cooldowns at the right time to keep himself alive as my heals heal him for a whopping 10 health due to a health debuff? Now that was skill!

One of our tanks hates those pulls because he feels Blizzard’s way of making encounters harder is to increase the RNG factor. Forget skill, forget gear, just make an encounter randomly do something so devastating that a group will die regardless.

I however love those pulls because they make me work. I have to pay attention. They’re exciting!

And besides, I had to use Heroism on what’s technically a trash pull. Heroism!!!