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Naxx 25 Is SRS BZNZ!!!

So our ICC25 continuation didn’t happen because well…we’re BoO and people don’t show.

Since we had potential recruits listening in we decided we should probably not completely fail so why not do the weekly with the 14 people we did have? Anub’Rekhan is gonna die!

So we have 14 people and don’t want to sit 4 of us so let’s just 25 man it. What’s the worst that could happen? …

In true BoO fashion we run in and wipe to the first two groups of spiders because…well we’re BoO. What other reason could there be?

Because not only are we BoO, but we have potential recruits listening in on vent.

So we run back in and get to the boss. Last minute buffs and mana. Then the pull…

With the confidence of a million Lich Kings we decided to ignore the adds and dps the boss not remembering that the debuff stacks. Our add tank starts taking massive spike damage and almost dies, but our epic heals keep him alive as we readjust our strategy to down the adds.

At this point I have to admit that I failed to get out of Locust Swarm completely forgetting how bad that is. As I stand there unable to cast I calmly await my demise when I finally instantly die along with four others. It’s not long after that the rest of the raid dies only getting the boss down to…yes, roughly 600k…

At this point several of us are laughing hysterically as we regroup, run back in, and then Hunt decides he needs to repair.

Amber, in true leadership fashion, points out to Hunt that “It’s customary to repair before a raid” and chastises him in front of everyone.

After a couple of minutes she announces that she will “Berb (BRB)! Since it’s not a good thing to do the chair peepee dance.” And if I’m not mistaken this is almost a direct quote!

As she gets up to leave, I calmly announce that “It’s customary to go to the bathroom before a raid” at which point everyone dies laughing. Unfortunately no demotions because I believe she missed the comment, but you gotta love karma! 😀

Anyway, an ICC10 formed and a real raid actually happened, but those aren’t as much fun.


5 Responses

  1. Obviously it was because I was not there… /flex… =] Also… I have a post with boss kill screenies half-way written and sitting on my desktop… unfortunately… I’m playing Mass Effect 2 right now, so it’s going to have to wait to be finished. Do you know how to put those on the guild website? I figure if we have some pics, people will be able to visit and think “Wow, these people maybe know what they’re doing.”

  2. @Myss – Have your pics saved either to your blog or to a site like photobucket. Once you’ve done that you can use the image code. I can walk you through it next time you’re on vent.

  3. This is what I love about BoO. Every time I get mad about wipes, funny things happen that make it okay.

  4. BoO + recruit listening in vent = incoming disaster

    Fortunately, ICC 10 went very well (of course we wiped on Gunship because you know…we’re BoO) but we killed Saurfang on 2nd try which helped convince the recruit to join us…which they did 15 mins after the raid ended 🙂

  5. It’s also customary to drink Mt Dew during a raid, jackass! 😛

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