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Random Video

A guy in my guild posted this in our forums.

I laughed pretty hard! XD

Not much to tell right now. We’re expecting an influx of new recruits to server transfer this weekend though and we’re pretty damn excited about it! We’ll give more information once it happens. But let’s just say we had a 23 guildie raid the other night and 10 more people is only going to solve our issue of half-assed guildies showing up one day and not showing up the next. Those guys are going to sit out a lot more than I think they expect and I couldn’t be happier!

In other news, with the announcement that Cataclysm will in fact be released this year I have started collecting my thoughts about Wrath and it’s very difficult to come up with a post that isn’t sounding whiny. In a very general sense the leveling, questing, look, and feel of Wrath was absolute win! But the endgame after Naxx fell apart for me. So much so that if this is indeed Blizzard’s new approach to end game raiding and it continues in Cataclysm I will be done. I’ll try it out, see some of the new stuff, and screw around, but I’ll cancel my account sometime after.

The part I’m working out is making that not sound whiny and not give the impression that I’m an elitist because I never got to see Sunwell and I was fine with that. Either way it’s fine if Blizz heads this direction, it’s just not the direction for me and that’s cool.


5 Responses

  1. =p Some of us weren’t half-assed… some of us could ONLY raid once a week.

  2. Myss, you know you aren’t part of that group I’m talking about.

  3. /agree I would rather have content that I don’t get to see so in the future when I finally get together with a guild that stays together long enough to get to know eachother and play well together and we do take down end game content it will be epic. It will probably be the only epic thing I do in my life. (yes it is sad…shush) Otherwise, lets just make open cheats available so I can have god mode and destroy the entire thing in one day.

  4. >_< Sorry… For some reason, I feel a little insecure about these new people coming in, so, where everyone else is really excited, I'm a little nervous… Excited for the guild beyond measure… but nervous for myself…

  5. Like I’d leave you out in the cold, Myss!

    Besides, can’t you come with us twice, now? At least, sometimes? And some people only coming one day can be matched by some people only coming the other day…there’ll be some of that. ^^

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