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Fallen Earth: First Impressions

So I downloaded the Fallen Earth 10-day trial. And I have to say so far it’s pretty damn fun!

I don’t know enough about the game to really know what anything past the starter level is like, but the game itself seems to be heavily geared towards crafting. And crafting is a blast! It isn’t like crafting in WoW where it takes anywhere from 3-15 seconds. No it takes minutes and I’m talking like 7-10 minutes!

On the plus side, you can queue everything you want to make and continue questing, farming, or even logging out and it will still continue to craft!

The one drawback I see to crafting is that pretty much everything that drops is a crafting mat making it difficult to want to sell anything. 😛

So I’ve only played for about three days now and not a ton. Overall it seems to be a farm intensive type game, but the rewards from doing so are pretty good. If there is one thing that I am not quite sure about, it’s the combat system.

Combat is clunky compared to WoW. In WoW you run up to something and right click it to start attacking. In Fallen Earth you have to use the Tab key to switch to combat mode and to switch back out to loot. It’s clunky and odd, but I’m starting to get used to it.

Not sure that I’ll pick it up, but that’s because I’m still playing WoW and my wife said one or the other. I’m sure I can get around that one though. 😛 The main reason is because I just bought a PS3 with my bonus and I’m waiting on Final Fantasy XIII to come out next month at which time I’ll probably disappear for a few months except for raids. 😀

But based on my current experience with the game, this is one I’d definitely pick up and try out for a while. Not sure what it would be like 6 months down the road, but I can imagine I’d have fun during those 6 months.

So if you’re looking for something to break up a lull in WoW go on over and download the trial version. It might entertain!

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