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You ever have one of those days where you just want to /ignore everyone?

Trade chat? Check.
Battlegrounds? Check.
General? Check.
Guild chat? Check?

Sometimes you want to be the center of attention. Other times you want to slink off into the shadows. And sometimes you’re just plain emo…

Krikket whispered me in an ICC10 the other day nominating me for sainthood. I asked why and apparently she thinks I have a lot of patience. My reply was “only in public”. 🙂

Either way sometimes I just reach the end of my rope and sometimes I just don’t know why.

So last night I log in to game and Vent with the intent of getting my warrior to 60. That’s when it happened. One tiny little thing set my mood for the rest of the night.

So with a little irritation I queue up for an AV run. The 51-60 bracket sucks big time since there only ever seems to be one group at a time so the wait is sometimes horrible. But it didn’t take too long before I joined a fail group that was deadlocked at two towers down and one bunker. Well at least we’re winning, but I just missed out on a buttload of experience. 😦 Then the accusations start flying as there isn’t a single ally on defense since we’ve got the entire Horde stuck at their end between TP and FWGY. We’re winning by less than a hundred reinforcements, but it’s deadlocked and I know I am not going to get much experience out of this win or lose. And I didn’t. Kind of a waste, but at least we won.

Unfortunately a few other things happen and I decide I can’t take it anymore. My finger itches towards the /gquit button. I hesistate knowing full well that I’m just being emotional and for really stupid reasons to boot. But hey, even the guy who doesn’t give a rat’s ass what people think of him has feelings from time to time.

So as I sit there going through scenarios about what my quitting would do and chuckling over the thought of Amber /flailing, I decide the best thing to do is log off.

The kids not going to bed and staying in bed didn’t improve my mood. Call of Duty didn’t actually improve my mood either because for whatever reason lately CoD likes to pair me into the fail groups so I lose a lot. I almost always have the highest kill/death ratio and often have the highest or 2nd highest number of kills on my team, but I fail at winning (which is odd since I have a 0.95 win/lose ratio so I shouldn’t complain too much, but I will anyway).

I suppose if there’s a lesson to be learned here it’s that you should never do anything rash in the moment. Anyway, still emo and still wanting to /ignore the world.


6 Responses

  1. I find I have those days when I’m logging on to do something I don’t really want to do. I’ve actually had a lot less of them since the move over (although, I’m still prone to the emo, QQ), but I know that I for one have trouble sometimes balancing “It’s a game and should be fun” with “I play with a whole bunch of other real people and don’t want to let them down.”

    I do have a chat window that’s just whispers so that if I really just want to solo and zone out and not talk to people I can pull that window up and pretty much ignore the entire WoW-world.

  2. I definitely have those moments, and that’s when I tend to switch over to unguilded alts or just do something else entirely.

    And when those moments are during raids I just secretly turn vent down, and try not to sound too gloomy in text.

  3. You patient? Really? You borrow her gold or sumthin?

  4. I know the feeling. I wish that not only do I want to /ignore guild chat, I want to log on “invisible” so they can’t see ME.

    I’ve been in a lousy mood lately, so a little online “me” time would be nice. (especially since I don’t want to run any alts)

  5. I have those days a lot, actually… sometimes I think that’s why I have over 40 toons on one account – along with a second account with … well, actually idk how many toons on it. I tend to need to sneak off sometimes and blow off steam and my escape tends to be in the starter areas around Azeroth. I’m glad you didn’t /gquit, that would have been sad. I’ve only just begun to get to know you!! ❤

  6. […] humor tends to be slightly sarcastic, and mostly one-liners. Apparently during my little hiatus away from all things chat, several people commented on missing my one-liners. But I have to take care because I still don’t […]

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